Photo courtesy of Michelle Martin Photography  

Photo courtesy of Michelle Martin Photography  

Amanda Reseburg


Lover of early 90's rock music.

Unashamed of my fan-girl-ing. 

Mom to 3 Ginger Girls.

Obsessive love for British TV.

All about potatoes. 


"I always rip the last pages out of books. That way, it never has to end" 
- Doctor Who

  Being a working photographer means I take pages out of your life story and rewrite them in images. I'm ensuring the feeling of the first day as a "we", the way your baby looked at 2 years old, or the exhilaration of a burgeoning adulthood never has to end. 

 I always wanted to be a writer. A teller of stories. Instead of taking pen to paper, I'm bringing a camera to my eye and telling your story. 

I'm a visual biographer for people's best days.

It's the best freakin' job in the world. 

No Gimmicks.
Just your extraordinary, heart-stirring, can't-live-without-them love stories. Told beautifully. Covered with care, humor (and a litany of pop culture references) 

Wedding coverage begins at $2000

Invest in someone who can timelessly illustrate your narrative...your story. 

(and have a ridiculously good time in the process)


Type A is all about the dramatic Senior Portrait. I specialize in editorial inspired studio work. If you're looking for something completely different than your run-of-the-mill Senior work, I'm your gal.

Senior Portrait Digital Collections begin at $500 


Shoot me a message through the contact form and let's get started on ripping out some pages : )