Photo courtesy of Michelle Martin Photography  

Photo courtesy of Michelle Martin Photography  



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Amanda Reseburg


Lover of early 90's rock music.

Unashamed of my fan-girl-ing. 

Mom to 3 Ginger Girls.

All about potatoes. 



Tastefully tattooed

Wanna-be Writer (Somedays)

Green Gables-Obsessed

World's Most Okayest Crossfitter (Who is allergic to exercise mats)

Has the BEST Job in the WORLD....for sure.

No Gimmicks.
Just extraordinary love stories. Told beautifully. Covered with care, humor (and a litany of pop culture references...really....I can't stop myself.) 

Full Day Wedding Coverage Begins at $2750 with Custom Packages Available

Invest in someone who can timelessly illustrate your story....

(and have a ridiculously good time in the process)


Type A Images specializes in editorial inspired Senior Portraits. In the past few years, Type A has established itself as the most sought after Senior Portrait Photographer in the Stateline Area. I take a limited number of commissions a year to make sure everyone gets killer images and exceptional service. 

Session fee's being at $150 for the Class of 2018 Season

I will begin taking Class of 2019 commissions in January 2018

Shoot me a message through the contact form and let's get it started!