The Extreme Value of the Extra Mile ~ Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

So....sometimes I get so ahead of myself with ideas and plans that I make mistakes. Like, getting so excited about my plans for the Gingers' fall portraits that I mistakenly have their three dresses sent to an address I haven't inhabited since 2010.


Thanks to my supreme Facebook stalking skills (it's a talent, I tell ya)....I was able to track down the dude who bought our starter home in Milwaukee 6 years ago and ask him to PLEASE let me know when said packages arrived on his doorstep so I could make the trek to retrieve them.

Any excuse to get to Milwaukee, I tell ya.

Yes, this story has a point. I promise.

I contacted the other two sellers on Etsy of the uber adorable dresses to see if they had already shipped the items.

One girl contacted me back and said "Oh! You're in luck! I hadn't made it to the post office yet! I'll change the address!"

WHEW! Crisis averted.

Second girl messages back "Darn it! I just shipped it out this morning"

I noticed Second Girl was from the Carolinas....right in the pathway of Hurricane Matthew's after-affects.....and I was pretty surprised she had even ventured out to the post office at all....given the weather circumstances.

I was bummed, but understood, and prepared to email Mr. Homebuyer back to have him keep an eye out for two packages....not just one.

Second Girl then messages me again and says "Let me go back to the post office and see if I can have them pull the package"

What the WHAT?? Seriously!?! There's a freakin' hurricane coming! My dress is SERIOUSLY not that important.....for sure.

But she did it. This Etsy seller with no clue who I was.....I'm just some random buyer who made an address error....was going to drive BACK to the post office in the middle of an impending super-storm, to retrieve a package. 

A package I screwed up on. She was in no way at fault....but she was going to go that extra mile and make it right.

She messaged me back shortly after to let me know that she indeed was able to intercept the package.

I was BLOWN. AWAY. I tell ya....and I just couldn't help but think of the extreme value of what she had just done. Because of that extra step....and extra bit of customer service she in NO WAY had to do for a $17 item....I will consistently remember her name....her business name....and how she was willing to do right by a customer even when she did absolutely nothing to screw up the sale.

She could have easily said "Too bad, so sad, chickie poo. It's not my fault you got so excited about a vintage dress that you didn't double check your shipping address"

But she didn't. And that makes all the difference. 

Just fulfilling our jobs isn't the "extra mile". The extra mile should blow people away. It should leave our clients with the feeling I had that day: That there is faith left to be had in humanity. That some folks value their customers SO MUCH that they're willing to jump in their car, drive against an impending hurricane, just to make sure their product gets to you.

In this day and age this is such a rarity that I had to blog about it.

That's the kind of business I want to run. Thank you made my month! 

Amanda Reseburg