Bad Decisions Are Part of Our Story ~ Wisconsin Wedding Photographer




Well, it's been a week.

That's for sure.

I guess depending on which way your political pendulum swings, it could be a great week or a horrible week. 

I'll leave that up to you to decide.

But, it's been a week. One week...a drop in our life bucket filled with many, many weeks. Some that fly by with nary an important event to mark their passing. Some that weigh on you so heavily you feel like you're going to drown.

I've been weighing decisions this week....much like the past year of passing weeks. We've been in a bit of a limbo here....wanting really badly to move (ok, I WANT to move really badly....I think the husband and children are not quite as gung-ho as I am, but they're supportive!). We've been all over the Wisconsin map in terms of where....and why....and what. I have a picture in my husband does too....seldom do those pictures coexist peacefully. I want the Laura Ingalls Wilder country dream. He wants....well, the polar opposite :) 

I also fear making a mistake. 

I've made PLENTY of mistakes, believe you me. A "starter" marriage at 21 that was a GIGANTIC mistake, evident from the moment the priest said "I now pronounce you husband and wife".....a move to California...yeah, chalk that up as another HUGE misstep. 10 years in an expensive college with a degree I'll likely never use and that I'm still paying for (I'm a slow learner, apparently). Throwing buckets of effort at a record store that we didn't really have the time to run.  Deciding "Hey, I'm gonna direct an assisted living start-up" and having that completely decimate my income and almost shutter the business I spent 8 years pouring my life into. 

We make mistakes. 

Since re-committing myself to Type A full time last winter, I've realized that it works because it's probably what I'm supposed to be doing. 2016 has been one of my best business years and there's no mistake in's the universe guiding me and telling me to shut the heck up and start listening.

I feared the over-saturation of the market. I feared that I wasn't nearly "cool" or "hipster" enough to make a dent in the current photography climate. Needless to say, there were a lot of fears. 

2015 was our lost year.

2016 was rebuilding.

2017 is going to be epic. I feel it in my bones. We just need to tread lightly and make sound decisions. 

I'm hoping the right house comes along. I'm hoping everything falls into place and Casa Reseburg sells quickly. I'm hoping I can continue to breathe life into Type A. I'm hoping that as I age, the mistakes become fewer. That experience breeds contentment. 

Bad decisions are part of EVERY story. The scars are what color our path. Don't regret them as much as you should honor the time spent on them and LEARN from them. 

Look back, shoot those mistakes a nice middle finger, and saunter on. 

Amanda Reseburg