Eternally Thankful ~ Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

Let's face it, 2016 was kind of a crap year. 

On a macro scale, at least.

On just a "me and my kin" scale, we did pretty well. It has been one of the best years ever for Type A in my nearly 9 year history. We "cut the fat", so to speak, and got back to what was really important: more time with family (working on improving that) and less time with ventures that were not worthy of our attention. 

We welcomed Miss Bridget Frances, who has completed our family in ways I cannot even describe. She's a phenomenally awesome baby. My heart grew 10 sizes the day she was born, I think. 

We committed ourselves to moving....and put the wheels in motion to make that happen in 2017. Because of Dave Ramsey (holla at cha, D-Ram!) and getting our act together financially (and, lets face it, Type A kicking major booty this year)....we are on our way to building a home next year. We were gonna just buy but came to the conclusion that the husband and I are never going to agree on what we want. I'm a little bit country. He's a little bit rock n roll. 

This means leaving Beloit, but I'm really really excited for new places, new towns, new faces and new opportunities. Beloit will always be my birthplace, but we are looking for home.

I'm eternally thankful that we have choices. That we have flexibility. That we are so fortunate. 

I had THEE best clients this year. Seriously, each wedding was just FUN....and I was able to churn out some work that I'm very proud of.

After numerous years of strategic marketing, seniors have really taken on a life of their own. My goal was 20 and I shot past that with relative ease. I can't wait to see what next year brings! 

I found a studio space that isn't a dark, dank hole.....that has a great, attentive landlord....and is WARM and CLEAN and has a ton of natural light. 

I found Hamilton. (Along with the rest of the free world, I guess). My God, Hamilton. Life changing....seriously. It's that good. The obsession continues. 

I got to travel all over Wisconsin, farther than I have in previous years, and experience parts of our state I never had before. I know some photographers travel all over the world....but I'm not much of a all over Wisconsin is pretty good for me. However, if anyone in Seattle or Prince Edward Island Canada would like to book with little ole me, I ain't gonna be mad at cha.

I wrote my first published piece for someplace that wasn't my blog (Scary Mommy)...and hope to do MORE of that in the future, for sure. I'm eternally thankful for notebooks and pens and any tiny amount of time I can carve out to write. 

I celebrated 10 years of marriage with Mr. Reseburg. Even though we get at each other sometimes, I'm eternally thankful to have a partner that gets me. 

Sometimes ;)

I am eternally thankful that I lost all my Bridget weight.....even if I have no idea how that happened. I won three free months at Planet Fitness through a silent auction for now my goal is tone, tone, tone! 

I'm eternally thankful for incredible friends. We don't get to see one another as often as I'd know, life and stuff....but when we do get together, it's good times.

Even if there is no literal new life being brought into a year, new life can still be breathed into every day....every hour....every month....every plan. 

I have an amazing life....and I'm eternally thankful. This year and every year. 

Photo credit: Stephanie Natale ~ Natale Photogaphy

Amanda Reseburg