Fractured Thoughts. ~ Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

Currently Watching:  The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (OMG. Where has THIS show been all my life? Seriously, like I've said before, I'm a chronic late-adopter.) 

Currently Spinning: The Moana Soundtrack. I gave it a go because....duh...Lin Manuel Miranda wrote it so it couldn't be all bad. It's far from all bad. It's pretty damn catchy and wonderful, if you ask me. Bonus points for Jemaine Clement and Christopher Jackson's inclusion. PLUS, it keeps the kiddos entertained in the Baby Bus. 

Currently Reading: #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso.  I was in DESPERATE need of some inspiration for the end of my season. I have a lot of plans bouncing around in my little brain for 2017 and I needed a kick in the shorts to get going on organizing them. This was the kick in the shorts I needed.  When I read that Sophia's goal as a 19/20 year old was to hitchhike to Olympia and go to Evergreen State College I nearly choked. That was my EXACT dream as a wayward 20 year old. I even had the Evergreen State College brochure tacked to my bulletin board for YEARS.

I never made it there....I guess the universe had other plans....but I most definitely related to 99% of this book. It's one I'll read over and over again, I'm sure. 

- It's been a typical holiday season in photography land. LOTS of portrait session, my fundraiser for Hospice, finishing up albums that will be wrapped and placed under the tree. It's been a feverish pace getting everything done, but I've been caught up all year and I don't intend to fall behind now. It's not the Type A way, I tell ya! 

- I spent the last few days designing a full on magazine to give to my Wedding inquiries and Senior inquiries. We are stepping up the fancy big time in 2017. I worked my little tooshie off on these documents and I have to say I'm quite proud of the results. 

I've always struggled with having my "voice" come through in my branding....mostly because I think I was never quite comfortable with what my "voice" truly was. It didn't exactly fall in line with the current trends in my industry. I'm not hipstery-fashionable by any means (though I am trying to improve on the current jeans-and-tshirt wardrobe as of late). I'm not a much so that I get REALLY excited when I get to go anywhere that isn't in Rock County. I'm a bit of an introvert. A homebody. I can be sarcastic and I like dark humor and British insults. I really like turn-of-the-century period-dramas, hip hop Broadway musicals about Founding Fathers, TV shows about time traveling aliens with great hair, and CARBS. I guess I can thank that last one for my less than perfect physique.

It's really easy to look around at other folks and wonder why you can't pull off that amount of "cool". How you can reach the clients that are perfect for YOU?? My tribe IS out there...and I think what made 2016 pretty great was I finally started to attract them. I had just the BEST wedding clients this year. 

Great things are on the horizon....I just have to keep putting myself out there! 

- Mega Molly turned 6 years old and I about had a sad-mommy meltdown (internally, anyway). How can she POSSIBLY already be SIX? That's a KID. That means I'm going to blink and Bridget is going to be driving. This is all going way too freaking fast. 

- Did anyone else try to watch that abysmal version of Anne of Green Gables on PBS that aired on Thanksgiving? I think the whole of the PBS company should apologize to the world for that atrocity. Shame, Martin Sheen. Shame.

- Since I lost all of my Bridget Baby Weight, it was my complete intention to start going back to the gym and toning. Things ain't where they used to be, if ya catch my drift. I won an auction for Planet Fitness but I haven't quite gotten around to using it yet. This girl needs some motivation. Big time. 

There's just SO many good things on TV!!! 

- SPEAKING of Miss Bridget Frances, girlfriend is crawling all over. She's a high-achiever, that's for sure. She also outweighs what Molly was at 7 months by a whopping 8 lbs. She's a bruiser, a regular ole' Chunker Munk. 

- I'm eagerly awaiting the end of the year and tax time. Have I lost my ever-lovin' mind? No...not quite. But, being self-employed, our mortgage company can't complete our pre-approval without 2016's I'm trying VERY hard to be patient. 

I think we've decided on building....but who the hell knows, that could change in a nano-second. Ya'll know how we are. 

But, we are most definitely moving. SOON. Hopefully. 

- Stay tuned THIS WEEK for the Wedding BEST OF 2016 CONTEST. Yes, I'm bringing it back! Chance for one of my wedding couples to win a 16x20 gallery wrap and one "voter" to win a copy of #Girlboss.  Win/Win! 

- Coming up before the end of the year? Newborns, Family Sessions, Molly's Holiday Program (which should prove to be all sorts of hilarious. You know how she rolls), Betty is doing a Living Wax Museum as Taylor Swift. She balked at my idea to go as Alexander Hamilton. An Anniversary Party, Christmas, and 2 weddings. 

Holy Crapola. 

Then, we are on to 2017....which I am going to slay. Just watch me! 

Amanda Reseburg