Senior Portraits Class of 2017 ~ Wisconsin Senior Portraits

Time sure does have a way of getting away from us, am I right?

Not only is it 2016 (what?…that’s like…the future and stuff)….but if you have kiddos you know how fast they go from diaper wearing germ factories to semi-sophisticated young adults in a matter on nano-seconds. It’s incredible.

No truer words have ever been sang: Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.

That’s probably WHY I have such an affinity for senior portraits. It’s such a milestone capture. These “kids” (I hesitate to call them kids….) are burgeoning adults….standing on the cusp of their entire lives….SO much potential…SO much excitement for what’s to come. I look at my own senior portraits (hello ripped jeans and Nirvana t-shirt….natch.) and think “Man, if I could only go back and TALK to that girl…the stories I would tell”.

It’s just a really neat time of our lives and I’ve dedicated a lot of study and effort into capturing this time in a unique, editorial, and fun way.

With than being said, I’m unleashing the TYPE A IMAGES MODEL SEARCH for the CLASS of 2017. 

This year I will be selecting 5 models (there are currently 4 spots remaining). Senior Models who are representing my brand should be outgoing, fun, funny, and comfortable in front of the camera.

Senior Models get all sorts of perks:

* Early Bird in-studio time

* Specially priced $75 session fee

* 25% off your initial a la carte or digital file purchase

* 40 big, glossy Rep Cards to share with friends (the days of tiny little wallet sharing are OVER!)

PLUS, a new referral system guaranteed that is truly the bee’s knees:

* Refer 1 Friend: Get a $20 Print Credit

* Refer 5 Friends: Get a $100 Print Credit

* Refer 10+ Friends: Get a $500 Print Credit

That’s, like, FREE STUFF just for talking….who else is going to give you free stuff just for talking?

If you or your Junior is interested in giving it a whirl, please email me at In Studio Portrait Sessions will be taking place at the downtown site (at the Tin Dog Records building) in MARCH.  On-Location sessions can happen at any time you wish.

Let’s make this year STELLAR! Game on!

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