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Feels like forever since I've done one of these! First FT on the new site! WOOT! 

- Still pregnant. Yup. I mean, good thing since I'm only 31 weeks....she's still baking a bit....but I am SO OVER IT. OVER IT big time. There's a reason why they're all "you're advanced maternal age, blah blah blah"....because being pregnant at 30 and being pregnant at nearing 36 is a completely different ball game. And yes. I'm complaining. Because everything hurts and I'm crabby. : ) 

Plus I'm just anxious to meet her. : ) 

I keep remembering my poor Grams who had kids into her 40s and wrangled 8 of them in her little tiny house. I'm such a complainer.

- With the revelation this week that an island in Canada was offering a place to live to Americans if Trump wins the election, I started poking around immigration websites to check out exactly how wonderful Prince Edward Island really is....because it seems like Wonderland and Neverland and Heaven all rolled into one in my mind.

It's pretty darn wonderful sounding.....I made my husband swear we would make it a realistic retirement plan. : ) 

One thing I need to learn to do is stay the hell off of their real estate sites. OH MY GOD.

- I did watch the Grammys. I'm really not sure WHY I watched the Grammys, it always leaves me a bit disappointed in the state of the popular music industry. There were no big surprises.

- Watched the Oscars too. I really love the Oscars. I do. However, this year seemed a bit more "shove the political rhetoric down their throats" than years passed. Wish sometimes they would just get back to celebrating the movies. 

- Making plans, plans, plans for BIG CHANGES coming on this summer. As I revealed before, I will be moving studios....and not a minute too soon either. As much as I've wanted to make my 150 year old building work over the past 3 years, it's been a rough ride (and you've been there through it all!). 

The new space is HUGE, and CLEAN, and in WORKING ORDER....tons of natural light and white walls all over the place. Good stuff. I can't wait to reveal it to you guys! 

- Senior Portrait Mailers should be in soon and I will be sending those babies out to BMHS Juniors, Milton HS juniors, and....well....anyone else I can think of! 

(Turner High School Juniors, if you would like a mailer that comes with a discount offer, please shoot me an email at with your address)

We start in-studio sessions THIS MONTH already! Can you believe it?!?! 

My Senior "style" has really come into its own in the last 2-3 years and I feel like I've hit on the look I want to offer to area high schoolers. It's unlike anything else you are going to find around here, that's for SURE! 

- Would like to thank EVERYONE who "liked" my little side project The Pudgy Gazelle. It's been a lot of fun talking personal finance and debt over on the site. 

- Become overly obsessed with watching Fixer Upper lately. Not helping my house jones, at ALL. 
But, I have developed an appreciation for shiplap.


Yes, yes...I know....just wanted to throw another reminder out there that these are going down on March 19 and 20th and I will not be doing any more portrait sessions until mid-to-late May, so NOW is the time to get them in for Mother's Day gifts, Easter, etc. 

It's perfect timing and at a discounted mini-session price of $150 you can't go wrong! 


- I get another ultrasound this week (because I'm old and the baby is measuring big...which is BIZARRO WORLD because none of my kids have ever been what you would call tall, big, or anything close). 

Last ultrasound I had I couldn't make out what was the baby and what was just smudges of stuff. 


I'm looking to fill some October/November/December 2016 dates and 2017 is wide open for bookings. If you're getting married in late fall this year or anytime next year, lets chat! 

- This week? Mostly baby/kid related session....more family sessions....headshots....and folks, in 2 weeks we SPRING FORWARD.....there is a light at the end of this long, cold winter tunnel. Promise!! Pretty soon we will be frolicking in fields and I'll be poppin' Claritin like a fiend. Ahhhh....summer!  Bring it on! 

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