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- So yup. Still pregnant. We'll just leave it at that.

- Had ourselves another growth scan/ultrasound. The Oncoming Storm is doing well...growing well...everything is good to go, so far. The time? DRAGGING....but yeah, I need to be patient.

- Pretty sure the nesting is starting to kick it. That or I've just become REALLY clutter adverse. I think we are going to quickly discover the lack of usable space in our house once this kid shows up. Only 2 more years until I can start house hunting for realsies (instead of my nightly Zillow dreaming sessions)! Can't come soon enough! 

- RIP Nancy Reagan. Though, she had been ill for some time and it was probably for the best. Sad though, I kinda liked her and Ronnie as a couple.

- The weather round these parts has been pretty awesome, which makes me think of Spring...then Summer...then WORK. : ) Bring it on! 

- Got the new Senior Mailers out yesterday. Focused a lot on Janesville/Milton folks this year, which is new for me. Untapped market and all that. With my studio move it was a necessity! 

- Miss Molly has to have a very minor eyeball surgery at the end of the month. Kid has been a hot mess lately with pink eye and then this stye-thats-not-a-stye thing that won't go away.....I'll be glad when "Germ Season" is done.

- The STUDIO MOVE! Let's talk about that, shall we?  Everything will be going down in June/July. I have to stay at my current space until the end of July and then I am FREEEEEEEE. : ) 

The new studio is AWESOME. Big and bright, huge windows, TONS of space....I will be able to accommodate large families that I couldn't before. And, you know, no construction issues to contend with, which is always good!  I cannot WAIT to unveil the new space to you. It's going to be a good move! Stay tuned to the blog for unveiling pictures in a month or so and some "open house" info! 


- The HUGE Spring DOUBLE UP SALE is currently going on. This ends SATURDAY and I won't be bringing it back until next winter. Any gift certificate purchase automatically doubles, so you are saving 50% on things like sessions, prints and products, albums, seniors, lots of stuff.

Check out the info here:

- I'm also still holding the SPRING FLING MINI'S on the 19th and 20th. If you haven't reserved your date yet, shoot me a message! 

- Maternity Leave will kick off APRIL 1st!  Lord knows when this kid is going to decide to make her debut, so I'm going to play it safe. If you need pictures BEFORE April 1st, you need to get a hold of me ASAP. If you need pictures AFTER April, I would take advantage of the Double Up sale and then shoot me a message.

I'm still taking messages and scheduling....just going to be sitting with my tootsies up and watching a lot of bad TV in April. Already recording multiple episodes of Fixer Upper and My 600 Lb. Life. : )

- This week? We are still workin'! Kiddos are having an overnight with grandma so mom and dad get a break, three sessions on Saturday and an engagement session on Sunday. 

Don't forget to SPRING FORWARD time-wise! 

- Like I said, the weather has been AWESOME (by Wisconnie standards) so the kids actually got outside! 

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