Fractured Thought(s) ~ Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

- I have murdered so many boxes of cereal this's not even funny. Just call me Amanda: Cereal Killer.

- Got to make my first "trial run" to Labor and Delivery when I started feeling some weird-o pains. Everything was fine. Realized the gowns they give you at the hospital are worse than I remembered. So, I'm one of "those people" who ordered a special labor gown.

No judging. 

I'm 36 weeks this week. Molly was born at 36 weeks and a few days. Commence freak out.

- Husband and I have spent the last month or so dreaming about house building. Still 2 years down the road but it's becoming more and more of a reachable goal. The longer I stay put where I am, the longer I realize I probably want to move. 

- SPEAKING of moving....the new studio will be all rarin' to go in June. So, if you want to schedule your Senior or regular portrait session and want to be one of the first people to try out the new studio (and you DO want to be one of these people, because its AWESOME)....shoot me a message at

- Molly had her kindergarten screening....and passed with flying colors. More evidence that I think all her "I don't wanna count to 20" malarky is just her punking us.

- I actually WATCHED a sports-ball game. March Madness is kind of fun, once you get into it. Of course, Wisconsin is out so I've lost all interest.

- Easter went well....very low-key. Did the whole baskets and hiding eggs spiel. Girls went to church (we didn't.....because I'm a terrible Catholic, apparently). Girls received about a billion Shopkins. I totally don't get those things.

Remember that scene in the movie Big where they're talking about the Transformers toys and Josh says "What's fun about playing with a building?" 

I ask you, children, what is fun about playing with a shoe with eyes.....a sandwich.....or a fridge?

Don't. Get. It. They trade these things like baseball's weird.

- The husband and I decided to sit down and watch every single Harry Potter movie, since I had never seen any of them except the 1st. Yes, I should probably just turn in my nerd card now. 

They were really good. Of course, Barty Crouch Jr. is my favorite : ) Even if he was a bad guy.

- This week...MATERNITY LEAVE! WOOT WOOT! I have one more Senior session on Thursday and then I am LAZY CAKES until this kid comes. Cannot WAIT! 

Tomorrow Molly is having very minor outpatient surgery....same day as the big Donald Trump rally in Janesville. Great. I'm certain the freeway will be a freakin' madhouse. Glad the hospital is nowhere near the rally site. 

Friday I decided to splurge a bit (pssst....don't tell Dave Ramsey!) and get Betty and I haircuts. It's been 8 months since I've touched my hair.....Betty is looking a bit shaggy....thought it would be nice to have a little Betty/Mommy time before Baby comes.

Thinking of going red....hmmmmm


Got the girls in the studio during my Mini Sessions......

Amanda Reseburg