Fractured Thought(s) ~ Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

- STILL. PREGNANT. Okay, yes...I am only 38 weeks 4 days. I still have time. I need to be patient. She'll come when she's ready. BLAH BLAH BLAHDY BLAH BLAH (I may be a tad crabby).

Yesterday I had contractions all day long....nothing regular, all over the friggin' place. Around 6pm they decided to get their act together and start coming at regular intervals. 2-3 minutes apart by the time we decided "eh, let's head for the hospital"

Then, because Baby 3 likes to mess with me, they stopped COLD as soon as I got on the monitor. 

Baby, do you not realize every time we grace the halls of Janesville Mercy they charge us about a bajillion dollars?!

Nurse said I was still contracting every 5-6 minutes but nothing else was going on and "wouldn't you be more comfortable laboring at home?"

No. The answer to that is no. I'd be more comfortable getting this show on the road. But, alas, I didn't have much choice in the matter. Baby 3 has decided she's darn comfy where she is at this point so I'm home. Laboring. At least we know things are getting started.....very. slowly. 

- I feel like I've watched more TV and movies over the past month than I have in my entire lifetime combined. So far, most of it has been background noise. Did see Seth McFarlane's "100 Ways to Die in the West" which I thought was pretty dang funny. (Plus he's pretty foxy, so that helps).

- Hubby happened upon what is quite possibly our local dream house online. Sadly, we are in absolutely no position to buy right now. I pouted over it for a few days, but I know I have to be all responsible and stuff. Stupid adulthood.

- It was David Tennant's birthday this week. I prayed and prayed for Baby 3 to make her entrance that day so she could share her day of birth with the ultimate Timelord. Wasn't to be. #geekgoals

- So, about a week or so ago I got it in my head that "Hey, you know those articles on places like Scary Mommy and Babble or whatever that people read and pass around Facebook"......I enjoy those....heck, I could WRITE those.....Maybe..... I got adventurous (and lets face it, I was bored) I wrote an article. A parenting article. I hemmed and hawwed over actually submitting it because it involves some rather embarrassing personal info about me....but, I decided to quit being a wuss and just see what happens.

Well, they're going to publish it on Scary Mommy. WHOA.  First thought that went through my head was : ABORT! ABORT MISSION!   Articles like that get a wild amount of feedback and not always positive. Can I handle that? 

Well, here's hoping...because it drops May 6th.


- One of my favorite bands is on an Apple commercial. With a song that came out when I was 21 years old. Lip Sync'd by Taylor Swift. It's now cracked the Top 100 on iTunes downloads.

Now everyone is gonna love Jimmy Eat World......not sure how I feel about that.  : ) I saw Jim Adkins first, ladies! Mitts off! 


- WEDDINGS: Booking 2017 at this point. Have a precious few dates for late fall/winter 2016 open. 

- SENIORS: I am completely full for Summer 2016 weekends, so if you are looking to get your senior portraits done this summer we're going to have to schedule you during the week. Not a problem over here, but I would get your dates in sooner rather than later to avoid being left out in the cold. 

- STUDIO: The new studio is going to be located in MILTON, WI.  Why am I moving to Milton, WI? Because the studio is amazing and I get to share it with the other half of the A-Team (Andrea). Stay tuned to the Facebook and Blog for opening day info! 

- SALES: Right now I'm running a quick and dirty Mother's Day sale. Make any Smugmug purchase today through April 24 (that's this Sunday) and save 25% off by using the code MOM16. 

And now, your moment of Kid Zen.

Amanda Reseburg