Fractured Thought(s) ~ Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

- Adjusting to being a mom of three...definitely different, that's for sure! Thankfully, Miss Bridget is a relatively good baby....a few hiccups here or there with sleepless nights, but all in all, very good. 
We are still riding through Sofa City at this point (easier to get up and tend to the baby in the middle of the night without waking the other parent)....but soon will be moving Bridget to her crib. 

- Miss Molly lost her first tooth!! I can't believe she's 5 1/2 already....the last 5 years seem to have just rushed by in a furious flash of events. She's halfway to oldest is going to be NINE....and my little mommy heart is breaking. 

- We took the fam to Milwaukee for Bridget's newborn pictures (with the FABULOUS Kara Reese Photography) and took time to point out all of our old haunts to Betty...and have dinner at one of my favorite greasy spoons, The Butler Inn. 

I came away feeling really nostalgic for the city as a whole and wondering, again, why we ever left in the first place. So, we are throwing around the idea that when we are ready to move in 2 years time (give or take a few months.....Dave Ramsey dependent) ....we may consider that area again. 

It would be good to get back to the place I consider home anyway. It's always felt comfortable to me, and I'm honestly happy to drive there so much in the summer for work. It's my happy place.

- As expected....I gained a bit of extra fluff due to Bridget. 17 lbs or so to be exact. I'll be happy to get the "all is clear" on the blood pressure front and be able to resume some exercise. 

- I may have lost my mind a bit, but I decided to write an article and submit it for publication to Scary Mommy. And they actually PUBLISHED it. If you wanna bit of insight into my Type A head, check it out here:

Admitting to the...oh...million or so followers of Scary Mommy that I have OCD wasn't exactly easy, but I find a bit of comfort in the positive response the admission received....and I know now that I'm not even close to being alone in that particular struggle. Not as a woman and not as a mom, definitely. 

- Hubby and I got a night out for dinner (Hello Zen Sushi) and drinks at Clara Bo. It was nice to indulge in a bit of bubbly after 9 months : ) 

- Maternity leave is officially over and I'm back to shooting. I have a WICKED busy summer ahead of me....and it's a bit scary, but I'm welcoming the time to create with open arms! Last summer was kind of a wash, so we are back and committed 100% to Type A! 

After June 11th I don't have another Saturday free until September 24. 

Whoa. Nellie. Better start looking for some new, comfy work shoes.

It's all about the shoes, people. 

- Coming up? Lots of stuff! Headshots GALORE this month! Don't forget, business headshots are on special for $50 until the end of May! This is 50% the normal price. 

We are starting wedding season at the end of the month with an A-Team wedding. Like I said, it's going to be a crazy busy summer! 

- SENIORS: Seriously, crazy you don't want to wait to book your Senior Portrait Session, even if you're looking to do it this fall. I'm already booking September and October senior sessions for folks who want fall if you wait, all available dates may be taken. 

The NEW STUDIO! (WOOT WOO!) opens in June in Milton, WI. Why Milton? Because Milton has an amazing old college campus with amazing old college buildings that have big rooms with amazing light and ROOM to move! No more dark, dingy "shooting space" that is habitually under construction! I cannot WAIT to move! 

Milton is still closer than you think and, believe me, the new digs are TOTALLY worth the short drive! 

- WEDDINGS: Weddings are completely booked through summer and September (with the exception of the 24th). I have some openings October-December, but otherwise I am booking into 2017. 

If you are planning your wedding and would like to inquire about what Type A can bring to your day, fill out a contact form on the site or shoot me an email @

Haven't busted out the big camera TOO much lately.....been pretty tired and WHOA,  3 slows ya down! 

But here's some shots from the last few weeks. 


That last set of 4 there are from our session with Miss Kara Reese. She's incredible. Seriously, if you need newborn shots done, she is DEFINITELY the one to call. Not just anyone can pull off gorgeous newborn pictures, believe's a specific skill set that you need to seek out. Watching her work with Bridget was eye opening. 

Eye opening in that I am SO not a newborn photographer! 

Miss Molly also had her Spring Sing, which I nearly missed because it's the end of the year, I just popped out a baby and I am yeah, notes home have gone unread. #sorrynotsorry

She didn't disappoint. She was definitely in fine Molly form. 

Stay tuned to the Facebook page or here on the blog for all the fabulous shoots comin' atcha in the next few weeks.

It's going to be a killer summer! 

Amanda Reseburg