Lindsay + Cameron ~ Mequon, WI Wedding Photographer ~ Ozaukee Country Club

Who: Lindsay and Cameron

Where: St. Boniface Church ~ Mequon, WI & Ozaukee Country Club


Way back in August I found out I was pregnant with #3....surprise!  Well, it just so happened that, unfortunately, my due date fell on Lindsay and Cameron's wedding day! This was a predicament I had never found myself in before, but I have to say....thank God for great friends who also happen to be phenomenal photographers.

Andrea from Andrea Paradowski Photography, the other half of the A-Team, was able to step in and cover the wedding for me. And she knocked it out of the park, for sure. Even with a little problem! 

Cam and Lindsay, I hope you had a fabulous day! Thank you so much for rollin' with the punches (and pregnancy) and for welcoming Andrea with open arms. 

Enjoy your sneak peek! 


Amanda Reseburg