Fractured Thought(s) ~ Milwaukee, WI Wedding Photographer

- Summer has been moving right along at it's usual frantic pace. I can't believe it's nearly July already. I'm going to blink and it'll be Back to School time (not that I'm complaining TOO much....because 2 kids in school full time is going to feel like a beach va-cay by September)

- Got all moved into the new studio in Milton. I've only gotten the chance to shoot out of it once so far, but I am LOVING the room it provides. The space. The lack of CONSTRUCTION! Oh yes.....I am just reveling in the beautiful lack of construction. Believe me. 

- Miss Bridget is easing into a semi-regular sleep pattern. She's a REALLY good baby. We are being rewarded for surviving Molly.

- Newest fangirl obsession? Most definitely Hamilton.

I WANTED to hate it....just because it was SO popular I figured it was probably awful (that's the music snob in me rearing her snobby little head)

It's so NOT awful. In fact, it's a work of pure friggin' GENIUS, and I don't even LIKE hip-hop. I've been running it non-stop in my car. It is SO good. SO good. (Plus is totally helps that Lin-Manuel Miranda is pretty much the cutest singer/rapper/writer/poet EVER.

The kids like it too (the appropriate songs anyway). Molly keeps asking to play "Doctor Hammil Hammilston". Not sure where she got that he's a Doctor, but close enough.

- The hubs and I hit up Great America for one last free run with our season pass before it expired. Good stuff....still love me some roller coasters. 

- STILL kicking around the idea of moving. We are most definitely SET on moving....we just don't really know where exactly...or what we really want in a house. My DREAM home is nestled in the countryside outside of Fort Atkinson....but it's a bit outside of our current budget. I'm trying to be patient but it is SO hard. I'm a "let's make it work NOW" type of gal, definitely. Delayed gratification is killing me. Especially if dream house sells without me ever having toured it.

Definitely would like to be closer to the Milwaukee or Madison market. I feel so far removed way down here in B-Town sometimes. 

- I turn 36 in 4 days.

THIRTY SIX. My lord, that sounded positively ancient only a few short years ago. Thirty Six is ADULT. Like, full-fledged. Guess I have to stop being immature and laughing at fart jokes and Family Guy episodes, right? 

- This month coming up is going to be pure crazy. It all kicks off with a legit TRIPLE HEADER the first weekend of July. By the 4th I'm going to be just DEAD. I just keep repeating to myself: dream house, dream house, dream house.....Goals are good.....going after them with vigor is even better. Makes me feel alive, seriously! 

I feel like I lost SO much ground in the last year with feeding the business and really caring for it. With going off the rails and chasing a different "dream"....that turned out to be not-so-dreamy....I went looking for my ideals elsewhere....when they were right here all along. 

Grass isn't always greener, folks. Sometimes you just have to remember to water your own patch of land once in awhile (I always sucked at lawn work).

So that's what I'm focusing on for 2016-2017. 

Lots of water : )

- We've been concentrating on "watering" our garden of family time together too (ok, that was cheeseball.....). Trying as much as we can to carve out fun time with the kids, especially now that Bridget is here and they aren't getting AS much attention as they're used to. 

Parenting is hard work, yo.

Check out some shots from the kick-off of summer vacation! Stay tuned to the blog for GREAT wedding sneak peeks, seniors, portraits, and more fractured thought.


Got the girls up to the new studio to try out all the little nooks and crannies of amazing light. LOVE.   

Got the girls up to the new studio to try out all the little nooks and crannies of amazing light. LOVE.


Amanda Reseburg