Fractured Thought(s) ~ Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

How's everyone's summer going thus far? We've reached the halfway point, which means this tired momma is COUNTING the days until school starts. 

2 kiddos in full day school?

Yes please.

I love em. I do. But bringing back the mid-day nap is gonna be SWEET.

- I've been working my tail end off this summer on weddings and seniors....LOTS of seniors coming up in the next month or so. Can't say I ever tire of creating new stuff for area seniors...its definitely one of my favorite subjects to photograph.

- I turned 36 in the last month. THIRTY. SIX. I learned, last night, that apparently...also..."what are you, like, 35?" is an insult in some traveling groups of twenty-somethings. This was news to me. I tend to believe we are like fine wine, improving with age. 

At least that's what I keep telling myself. I don't feel MUCH different from when I was 26. Except, you know, about 20 lbs heavier....a few extra wrinkles....and 3 kids thrown in there.

- The hubby and I also celebrated our 10 year anniversary on July 15th. We made it out to my favorite local steak-and-potatoes place....had some adult beverages. Good stuff. I always thought I could talk him into going to Canada for a 10 year anniversary trip, but that is not meant to be right now as we are in the midst of "saving our pennies for a move"

- Yes, a move! You may have heard whispering about a potential move for us out of Beloit and back closer to the Milwaukee area. Well...potential has been turning into "yup, get us on the road" as of late. We are shooting for next summer. Tomorrow we have a meeting with a builder to see if building my own version of Green Gables (yes, I own my nerd-dom. Don't hate) is even an option. 

Crossing the fingers here, hard! 

Why a move? Well....a number of reasons. For one, we live once. We get one go around on this spinning rock....might as well spend it where you want to be. We LOVED Milwaukee when we lived there before. So many options, so many just a great city and we've missed it these past 6 years since moving back to Beloit.

Beloit will always be where we were born and raised, but Milwaukee has ALWAYS been "home". It was ours....we had our favorite places, we knew it inside and out...its where I built Type A and we had friends there. 

So, the prospect of getting back to the area is really exciting. We want our kids to experience what Milwaukee has to offer. 

- I've been running the Hamilton soundtrack into the ground, as of late. Just ask my husband. It's driving him crazy (I may, or may not, just bust out with a random "LAFAYETTE!!" here or there just to drive him nuts. Love.)

It's just so. damn. good.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is GOALS, seriously. If I could just have 5% of his talent, I'd be happy. 

The kids love it too. I've been teaching Molly to yell out "HERCULES MULLIGAN!" on cue. Parenting, done right.

PLUS....with all the awful in the world...its nice when something so small can make you so happy. 

- Coming up for the rest of the summer,  more senior sessions than you can shake a stick at....WEDDINGS galore! I am all over Wisconsin and Illinois over the next few months: Waterloo, Door County, Bayfield, Sheboygan, Lake Delton, Chicago.....gonna be putting a lot of miles on the ole Flex (and wearing out that Hamilton CD in the process. LAFAYETTE!) 

- Booking is open for 2017 Weddings. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be-bop all over Wisconsin and Illinois next year too : ) If you've got a plan in the works for your day I want to hear all about it! I have captured some absolutely stellar, fun, intimate, and exciting events this year. Its really renewed my zeal for this job as a whole. 

- SENIORS - For real, bookings have had a mad uptick this week. Summer 2016 is nearly full (I could probably squeeze in MAYBE 2-3 more, that's about it). I will be taking a limited number of straggler seniors for September and October. 

DON'T WAIT!  I'm serious! : ) 

Here's some personal shots from the last month or so. The baby is getting bigger by the day (she's a Chunker Munk, for sure).....the girls need's busy....oy! Summer! 

Bridget Frances - 3 months

Our Anniversary night out. I hemmed and hawwed over what to wear.....and ended up buying ANOTHER black dress.

I, legit, own about 30 black dresses. 

If anyone ever needs something to wear to a funeral, I'm your gal.

Betty's 1st foray into theater: April Fools on Mt. Olympus. 

She played Poseidon. Tony Awards, here we come! 

Amanda Reseburg