Fractured Thoughts ~ Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

Currently Watching: Well, it WAS Sherlock....because Sherlock is the best. But, that's done now so I'm not quite sure what I'm going to move on to next. Any suggestions? 

Currently Spinning: The husband just got the Ghost EP Popestar for Christmas and it's pretty stellar. However, it's still all Hamilton, all the time, in the car.

Currently Reading: White Trash: The 400 Year Untold History of Class in America. Because once a Sociology major, always a Sociology major I guess. This is the stuff I like to read. 

- We're taking 2017 on with an incredible amount of enthusiasm for the future. I'm so invested in making Type A Great Again (ha!!) that I feel this renewed excitement is trickling over into other areas, which is moving us into "getting shizz done" mode.

- Our whole goal last year was to get our family into a position to move without it being financially stupid for us to do so. I think we're getting there. We are meeting with a builder in the Milwaukee area next weekend which I'm cautiously optimistic about.  We are working with one of Dave Ramsey's ELP (endorsed local providers) Mortgage Lenders and they have been absolutely wonderful so far. They delve deep into your finances and are great for self-employed folks like me! 

Churchill Mortgage, shout out to you! 

- Like I said, we are CAUTIOUSLY optimistic about building. Being as frugal as I am (let's face it, I'm a tightwad)....the concept of "Oh, plan for 20% more than you think it'll be" like everyone says scares the bejesus out of me. It doesn't work like that in our household. We don't need a fireplace, we don't want a tub in the master, we don't need extra fancy crap that no one cares about. What we need is a bit more space. Room for Bridget (who has taken to waking up so often from her crib in our room that neither of us are sleeping worth a damn right now) 

Room to grow and not just room to put extra crap. 

- SPEAKING of extra crap, I was way influenced by the book Minimalism that I picked up with my Christmas money. So, I went on a bit of a binge (or, shall I say, purge) and got rid of a ton of superfluous CRAP that we had around the house. Stuff we never used, never wore, never cared for....that we just kept moving around. 

It was REALLY freeing....though the husband had to step in a few times and say "Um, lets not get rid of EVERYTHING...."

I probably would have if he let me! 


- My daughter Betty (the 9 year old) started her own Art blog. Check it out at Betty Hearts Art 

- Can we talk SHERLOCK for a minute. First of all, 3 episodes per series is just NOT. ENOUGH. As soon as I get comfortable with a new Sunday night routine, it's over! But, this series was pretty incredible. Wasn't QUITE sure about the last episode, but it all wrapped up nicely. And, Benedict Cumberbatch can pretty much do no wrong. This better not be the bitter end.

- The whole family caught that NASTY norovirus that was going around. Whoa. NEL. LIE. I haven't been THAT sick in a really long time. I tossed my cookies at a wedding shoot (finished that wedding though....arggggg!)...but let me tell yah, being pukey-sick at a wedding is the WORST. I was rushing to get ill, rushing back out to catch the speeches, rushing back to dry heave, rushing back to catch the 1st dance. To my credit, I didn't miss a thing. But, it was ROUGH.

I came home that night to complete bedlam at the house. All three girls had caught it and it was a Round Robin of puking all night long.


- Betty started her foray into braces this month. She needs them. She has my teeth. I had some JACKED teeth when I was her age. I looked like I'd been popped in the mouth. So, she's in for a long haul....but she's taking it like a champ.

- I brought The Pudgy Gazelle blog back.....for good. It was too motivating for me not to renew it. You can check it out and follow along on our debt freedom journey! 


I am still seeking a few SENIOR MODELS! The response has been really overwhelming this year and that's GREAT! I'm starting to branch out and marketing to Waukesha and Milwaukee county too, in anticipation of a move, but Beloit is still my home base! 

If you or someone you know is interested in representing Type A for the CLASS of 2018 and scoring some sweet deals, fill out the application at the top of the page! 



I am over 1/2 booked for 2017. I am looking to fill in some dates for July and August as well as October/November/Dec. So, if you are looking in that area, shoot me an email! 

I have some absolutely GREAT couples lined up for this season and I just cannot wait to get started. I'm all over the map again and that's just how I like it! 

I designed a new 33 page Wedding Magazine that I can send to any inquiry to check out. 


I've got so many things bopping around in this little brain of mine.....I've been writing things down at a feverish pace just hoping that I don't MISS something! 

Senior Model Studio Sessions kick off in February. I'm bringing more of the awesome to Senior cheeseball stuff included! 

I am hosting a specially priced Spring Mini promotion running from February 1 to April 1. Book a studio or on-location mini anytime between those dates and get it for $150 and 10 digital images. 

Kicking around the idea of bringing back a beginner's photography class to the studio sometime this spring as well, so keep an eye out for that! 

- Here's some pictures from the last few weeks. Check it out!! 


Amanda Reseburg