Self-Care: It's A Thing and It's Important ~ Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

At one time, I wanted to be a social worker. I wanted to "help people"....whatever I thought that meant. I wanted to guide folks to helpful benefits....I wanted to make sure elderly people had access to quality care and housing....I wanted to counsel grieving people. 

Photography intervened and I never had a chance to wander down that path. Which is OKAY. It wasn't meant to be. 

But I did pick up a few tidbits here and there while studying. 

One of the major tenants of a caregiver job is the issue of SELF-care. Self care simply means that you are never "pouring from an empty cup", so to speak. 

If you are self-employed, you likely suck at this. Especially if you are self-employed AND a parent....because ain't nobody got time for that self-care business, right? I mean, I LONG for bedtime for the kids some nights just so I have a SECOND to sit down and watch some terrible TV. Not really the traditional sense. Usually it's just avoiding bedtime myself.

But, I made it my mission for 2017 to start investing some time and effort into self-care, because I could feel myself getting tired....and resentful....and all-together crabby.

First things first, I signed up for Crossfit again. I had LOVED it when I was going before I got pregnant with Bridget....and I had missed that time to myself since. It's only an hour a day (plus the 22 minutes or so in the car)....but it sets my day up nicely. Whatever I may have on my mind, I can go to the gym....struggle through ring dips with my spindly little arms like I did this morning....and channel any stress into that. As much as I may stare at the dark outside my window when the alarm goes off at 4:15 AM on Crossfit days....I ALWAYS feel good when I get up and go. I feel like even if I don't get anything else of value accomplished that day, at least I went to Crossfit.

Bear in mind, I am a pretty terrible Crossfitter....but that doesn't really seem to be the point. The point is, it's MINE. For the time being, it's not something I really have to share with anyone else or rely on anyone else to get up early for. I make the decision and I go. 

Running your own business, especially if you are primarily at home, can be stressful...motivation can be tough...BALANCE is freaking impossible. It can be really difficult to watch people on social media taking wonderful vacations while I'm in the midst of handling the Norovirus outbreak at our house (that was SUCKAGE....three puking kids and a puking mom. It was complete madness). It can be SO HARD to feel invisible when it seems like people around you are booking like crazy or getting amazing jobs. We are really hard on ourselves, aren't we?

Social media can make you feel like crap. Sometimes you just need to turn it off and do YOUR thing.

So right now, my thing is carving out some time here or there to do a little reading (without guilt!) and continuing to be a semi-okay Crossfitter.

Look at your day....where can you fit in some Self-Care? We ALL have time...even if it's just 5 minutes. You have to MAKE time. It's that important. 


Amanda Reseburg