Fractured Thoughts.

Currently Spinning:  The kids have decided the Hamilton soundtrack is of course they're taking after their mother and playing it into the GROUND. I've been seeking out other things to listen to. Really liking Townes Van Zandt, Brett Dennen, and various stuff that's good for time on the road. 

Currently Reading: A testament to my husband knowing me far too well, I went to the library with Betty the other day and came home with my choices. Without seeing what I'd picked, the husband asked if the themes were "Death, old people, AIDS or money". 

I had picked up And the Band Played On: Politics, People and the AIDS Epidemic

So yeah.

Currently Watching: OMG, The Good Place (I think I have found my sista-from-another-mista in Eleanor Shellstrop). And Austin on Jeopardy, until he lost. And I just watched the movie Captain Fantastic which was, as the title suggested, pretty fantastic.

- Convinced the girls to go as The Schuyler Sisters for Halloween. Hired a seamstress to make the dresses a reality....still haven't gotten them but not worried....yet. I am working on hoping for the best.

- REJOINED Crossfit. Yes. Again. I know. 
But it's been over a month and I'm doing okay, with the exception of one allergic reaction to what I think was the chalk dust from toes-to-bar (or, in my case, knees to nowhere).
But I am trying to stick it out. My goal? Tina Turner arms....circa Ike-years (she could have totally laid him out if she wanted to).

- I don't even want to revisit the fact that Tom Petty died this month. Load of crap, that is. Chris Cornell and Tom in one year. I swear, if something happens to Eddie Vedder or Betty White I'm going to be a snotty mess for the remainder of 2017. Because no. Just no.

- Betty joined Girl Scouts, which has CERTAINLY changed since I was a little sash wearing chick in the 80s. For one, you know you can buy the cookies online now? Where the hell have I been?

- On the house building front, still no hole....but we should have one by next week. We picked out our outside color palate, so that's a start....I guess. I'm getting weary of even THINKING about the house building process. I've been living with my in-laws for 6 months already....and we don't have a hole dug. We were supposed to be moved in by this time. 

Stupid time. Stupid plans. If I think about ENOUGH I'll get really annoyed, but everything is on the right track now with a builder who knows what they're doing. So...all in time.

- All manner of nature being pissed off and mass shootings got me all "Canada is sounding pretty damn good right now" lately....and the husband has given me the green light to plan a solo trip to Prince Edward Island sometime in the near future. I don't think he realizes how happy this makes my little geek heart. 

- Took the girls to the My Little Pony Movie, which was cute if not farrrrr too long for this mama.

On the work front:

- 2018 Weddings are booking! If you're planning your day I'd love to talk to you about what Type A can offer in terms of wedding coverage. ANNNNDDD...bonus....I'm giving everyone in 2018 10% off their wedding package to celebrate 10 years in business. So, yeah, let's chat! 

- I just released info into your inboxes (if you're on my email list, that is......) about the Holiday Mini's. I will be offering in-studio OR on-location options. Make sure you snag your spot! 

- GENERATIONS BENEFIT: I will be trying to secure a spot in Beloit this year for the Hospice Generation's Benefit for grandparents and their grandkids. You'll want to sign up for email to get all the up to date news about the benefit, for sure! 

-'s the time of year where I start nailing it into your head that you need to pick out your yearbook headshot and get that choice to me ASAP. Just as a heads up, this year I will be gone on vacation the WEEK BEFORE THEY ARE DUE IN BELOIT....I'm yelling that for emphasis....but it's more like a fun yell. Like YO!!!! Not a mad one. Not yet. :) Just don't miss your deadlines, okay! 

I still have a FEW spots open in November for all you last minute straggler seniors. It's okay.....people forget....I got ya covered! 

Check out some personal dad's retirement party, hanging with the girls as usual.....and make sure you're following me on Instagram and Facebook to get all the latest!! 

Amanda Reseburg