Not Yer Mama's Senior Portraits (What Senior Photographers Want You to Know) ~ Wisconsin Senior Pictures

That was a long title. Jeepers. 

But, it's all encompassing. When I first started really throwing myself into Senior Portrait Photography as a speciality about 4 years ago, I kept having that phrase play over and over again in my mind. How did I want my pictures to look? How did I want them to be different? 

I didn't want them to look like our parent's pictures. Or, hell, OUR pictures. Now that I'm old and stuff. 

I'm still dealing with that. Trust me. I bought PBR for the husband the other day and they didn't card me. This has ruined my month. Legitimately. 

Anywhoo...I'm off topic.

What do TODAY'S Senior Photographers want you to know about how Senior Portraits are approached NOW. For this generation. I feel like Senior Portraits is something that has remained pretty stagnant in certain areas of the country until someone comes along to blow apart the old ideas and start bringing a fresh look into the game.

Allow me to light that fuse, will ya?

1. Gone Are the Soft Focus Fuzzies
I remember gazing with adoration at my mom's senior portrait, with all it's 1970's fuzziness and the soft halo of light that made her look like some glowy goddess. 
The thing is, if you flip through the pages of Vogue or any other magazine for that matter, that's not what portraits look like anymore. There's a certain realistic grittiness that's missing that I happen to LOVE. Portraiture evolves....and Senior Portraits are evolving along with it.

2. No, I don't Have Giant Numbers
This was a big thing when I was in high school. That was a lot longer ago than I'm ready to admit at this point, considering I stil own t-shirts that I regularly WEAR that I had then. So, it can't be that long ago and no my music isn't "classic rock".....anyway.....

We don't really pose folks with big giant numbers proclaiming their graduation date anymore. I think that may be more suited for a 1st birthday party. 

Unless it's supposed to be funny....then I may consider it. :)

3. You Do You
I remember my mom INSISTING that I wear this hideous yellow flowered shift dress in my senior portraits. Yes, I'm throwing my mom under the bus here. If you knew me in high school at all, you know damn well I never would have purchased a yellow flowered shift dress....much less put it on.

Moms and Dads still have their say, for sure. I mean, they're they still get their 2 cents to put in.

But, I strongly suggest you bring a bit of YOU to your portraits. If you are more of a t-shirt, jeans and Chucks person (solidarity, yo) then BRING THAT...because this session is about YOU and capturing who you have become and evolved into over 4 years of high school.

I'm pretty sure that yellow flowered shift dress picture still hangs in my parent's house. I can't escape it.

4. Leave the Tree Huggin to the Hippies (I Say This With Love)
There was a time when hugging trees, peeking around trees, cuddling with trees, general....using trees as a major prop in your outdoor portraits was, like, a THING. 
Unless you are big time tree-lover.....I'm probably gonna try to steer you away from tree spooning. 

5. But Seriously, Let's Get OUT AND ABOUT

I am all about dragging my big mama 50" softbox around town and making some killer portraits. I live for this stuff. Which is why I don't charge extra for on-location images. Heck, if you wanna be-bop all around Rock County, be my guest. Let's explore. This is YOUR SESSION. I don't like restrictions. I really don't. Take advantage of that. 

6. But Studio is Nice Too
I'm a big studio shooting lover. I adore what we can do in-studio. It's why I moved from my dusty cave of a shooting space to my killer space in Milton (seriously, if you haven't been there yet, it's amazeballs. Yes. Amazeballs)

I've been shooting studio for quite a few years now and have my "look" pretty down....and I love it. Pink puffy heart love it. It's a bit of a departure from anything else you're gonna find in the area. I love feathered light and editorial looks.....and I look to folks like Mark Seliger to guide me in what modern portraiture looks like. 

If you don't know who Mark Seliger is, look him up on Instagram. His Oscar portraits are to DIE for.

7. Print Yer Stuff, People! 
Remember when people used to carry around those big, honkin' video recorders and all of your family memories were on VHS tapes....that your parents eventually taped over with episodes of Rescue 911 or something?

No? That was just me?

My point is, technology CHANGES. Digital formats are great, but prints are eternal.
Print your images. 

I'm gearing up for one HECK of a Senior Season this year! Class of 2018 has some amazing ideas that they're bringing to me and I'm excited to expand services to Edgerton and Janesville High Schools as we prepare for our move. 

The studio in Milton is primed for some epic sessions and I'm super excited to create some heirloom images for area grads! 

If you still need to book your Senior Portrait Session, don't wait! Spots are limited and popular times, like peak fall color, get snatched up VERY quickly. 

Shoot me a message and let's get you on the books! 

Amanda Reseburg