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Currently Watching: The new "Anne" series. Even though I'm a big ole believer that you should not attempt to improve on perfection (perfection being the Sullivan production of "Anne of Green Gables").....I really enjoyed this take on my favorite literary character. Consider it endorsed! 

Also binge-watched "Girlboss" on Netflix, which even given the recent bankruptcy filing of Nasty Gal, I still enjoyed. 

Currently Reading: Well....all my books are packed (more on that in a bit) so.....the back of cereal boxes, lately. Articles on how to maintain septic systems. Exciting stuff. Lists on what NOT to do when building a home (like I said....more on that in a bit)

Currently Spinning: Husband played me some Father John Misty the other day, which I quite enjoyed (the little that I was able to hear). Still Hamilton. Yeah. 

- First things first, obvs, we sold the house. WOOOOO FRIGGGIN HOOOO. I was getting all impatient and stuff (me? Surely you jest! NO!). But yes, it is sold and we close on May 26th. So, it's been a fury and frenzy of packing and moving stuff to storage, etc.

- So WHERE are we going? That was the million dollar question. For over a year. I bounced all over the state in my head (I bounced to Washington state a few time.....Prince Edward brain has a wanderlust unmatched by most). 

One day I went out in the baby bus searching for a particular plot of land near Edgerton, WI that I had seen online. On the way, I happened across a country subdivision. I decided to drive through and it was just GREAT.....big, ginormous lots...houses set way back from the road and shaded with woods. Ponds and trails and your neighbor not right on top of you or right out your back door.

I drove around and around and figured "Yeah, looks great but I'm guessing these lots are ridiculously expensive"

Turns out....not at all. In fact, they were downright affordable.

So....we ACTUALLY MADE A DECISION. I know. Shocking.

We are moving to the Town of Janesville, off Hwy 14, smack dab between Janesville and Evansville to a subdivision called Grand Videre Estates. We purchased a 1.3 acre plot of land and found a house that is just my own little version of Green Gables. It's a dream house. Completely. 

We hired a builder and we are on our way....which is all together exciting and the stuff of dreams and absolutely terrifying all at once.

I haven't slept much this week....lots of stuff on my mind with the move, the build, the job.....oy! But, I'm staying in Rock County, which means I will be able to service all Rock County High Schools for Senior Portraits and continue to bop down to Chicago and up to Milwaukee and Madison quite easily for weddings. 

- We spent the last 2 months or so sick in this household....while all this was going down. Bronchitis, the flu, colds, it's just been a mess, but we all seem to be over everything at this point. 

Kids, man. They're little germ incubators. 

- Wedding season started! Which is always exciting. This is my 9th season. I can't believe by this time next year I will be celebrating TEN YEARS as a professional wedding and portrait photographer. That's nuts to me. 

- Record Store Day came and went. I have to admit, I drove by the old place (Tin Dog) on my way to the post office on RSD morning. Made me a tad nostalgic for our time behind the retail counter, but only for a moment. Tin Dog is in much better hands now and it was so awesome to see them busy for RSD! 

- New Doctor Who has started and I'm actually LIKING it. Whodda thunk it? Capaldi seems far more likable this series and I am digging the new companion. Maybe Moffett had an epiphany. 

- My baby last Beanhead turned one. I have to be real here, I had a hard time with this. The last year went REALLY fast and I am not ready for her not to be my little tiny baby anymore. 


- I am hosting THREE workshops this summer. One for beginners, one for portraits and one for folks who would like to learn about wedding photography. If you are interested, check out the workshop page here:

I'm keeping the studio in Milton since we are moving a lot closer so all workshops will be held there.

- SPEAKING of the studio in Milton, I am currently booking Seniors for the Class of 2018. My Senior Models have all been initially photographed and will all be recieving their Rep Cards very soon, if they already haven't.  I am looking to expand into Janesville Craig, Parker, and Edgerton schools as well as Milton and still Beloit, so spread the word! In-Studio or On-Location! 

- Weddings: 2017 is pretty much booked in full, though I do have a few dates in late fall still open that I'd love to fill!  2018 is already booking....and Chicago folks are way ahead of the game! 

Here's some pictures from the last month (including super-exciting pictures of our grass/tree/pricker bush patch that we just spent a butt-load on)


OUR LAND! (Just picture it with a house on it.......) 



Amanda Reseburg