Fractured Thoughts. ~ Wisconsin Photographer

Currently Watching: I have been ALL about Fear Thy Neighbor on ID lately. It's so ridiculously dramatic and it's a nice little sociological peek into how nuts some folks can be when they start out being slightly annoyed.

I watched the Netflix series Anne (I refuse to call it Anne With An E because that's just stupid). It actually wasn't TERRIBLE. Still doesn't hold a candle to the Sullivan version. Naturally.

Also saw Mommy Dead and Dearest which was BEYOND fascinating and has to be must watch for anyone.

Currently Spinning: Hubby just got the Book of Mormon Soundtrack (on 2 GOLDEN PLATES) and we WERE looking forward to spinning the Singles Soundtrack, especially given the untimely passing of Chris Cornell, but our copy was warped. So, back to the store it went. Hubby bought the Bob's Burgers album instead. 

We have very varied tastes.

Currently Reading: Nothing right now, just trying to get caught up on work from the move. But next on my "want" list is Girlcode, a book for female entrepreneurs.  

 I'm writing to you from the well-decorated recesses of my in-law's basement....tucked into a corner with my work computer and all my needed accouterments. 

We have embarked on our multi-month "adventure" of living in the in-law's basement while the Little House in the Woods is being built. 

We have yet to break ground.

So's gonna be an interesting summer. Let's get to a little catch up, shall we?

- Updating the Death Hag Pool: Prince Phillip....not dead. Chris Cornell, however....ugh. That one HURT. Bad. I wallowed in Pacific Northwest sound for a good week. Just....ick. We are getting far too old and far too removed from the "good ole days" sometimes. 

- We survived Move #1 out of our house on Kaleen Ln. Someone else lives there now. It's weird.

- We began our journey of picking out cabinets, flooring, everything and then some for the new house. That is a's completely overwhelming and I can see now why people hire folks like Joanna Gaines to just do it all for them. 

But, since I'm not independently wealthy....well, I have throw my cruddy taste all over the build. Hopefully by sticking to a mostly neutral pallet we will avoid any faux pas. 

- Lin Manuel Miranda is going to be on DUCKTALES. So is David Tennant. Obviously they have created this show entirely for me.

- I found out that they (whoever they are) are flipping my grandparent's old house. I drove by and the door was open so, being the nosy nellie I am, I popped in to check it out.

Have to say, I was none too happy that some wayward teenager decided to paint various song lyrics all over the bedroom walls. 

Apparently the house was far worse than that and I should be happy to see it being addressed. But, it was THEM. And now its gone, for good. 

I had a hard time with it. 

- Miss Betty performed in her school's talent show and scored 3rd for her performance of "How Far I'll Go" from Moana. I gave the song a pass because Lin wrote it, even if it wasn't from Hamilton. 

- Since moving into the in-law's house I've managed to nearly kill myself tripping over one of the multitude of baby gates set up to keep Miss Bridget out of harms way. 

Is that irony? The thing meant to prevent harm caused harm?

Yeah. Thing that's irony. I have a big, fat ironic bruise on my leg.


- Wedding season is ON like Donkey Kong and it's proving to be a busy one! I have a crap-ton of weddings booked for June and it's going to take me all keep your eyes trained on the Facebook page for fun sneak peeks! 

I'm booking for 2018 folks, so if you're starting to plan your big day and still need someone there to tell the story....hit me up! 

- SENIORS....I'm booking strong for the remainder of the summer for 2018 grads. If you're wanting to reserve fall color time, NOW is the time to secure your date because those will get taken first, trust me. I am WAY excited about what I'm bringing to the Senior market this year, and I'll be hitting the marketing HARD in Rock County, especially in Janesville, Milton, and Edgerton. So, if you're looking for something new and different for your senior portraits, come visit the gorgeous Milton studio and let's make something awesome! 

- Portraits - YES! I do portraits! I've gotten a lot of questions about baby portraits lately and yes, I do those too. Studio or on-location....bring it! 

- WORKSHOPS: I have moved the Basics workshop to September 10th, based on availability of interested parties. Looking to get your head around the workings of your fancy camera? Come hang with us for an afternoon, shoot around, learn what ISO means, and shoot some models. 

Good times!  Check out the Workshops 2017 link up top and reserve your spot. I have 8 spots currently open. 


-Talent Show goodies and proof I actually did Betty's hair for once.
-Last time at the house. Pretty lacking in tears, thankfully.
-Molly's Spring Sing. Guess which one is Molly.