10 Years/10 Percent/10 Weddings ~ Wisconsin Wedding Photography

In 2008 I made up a pretty cheesy looking ad (featuring a 9 month old Betty Claire), slapped it on Craigslist and waited for the clients to roll right in.

I've learned quite a bit since 2008 when I started Type A. And it's absolutely NUTS that I'll be celebrating 10 years in business next year. 

I'm already looking to the 2018 season (like all of the wedding vendors out there!)  and I want ya'll to celebrate with me. 

So to celebrate 10 years in business I'm offering 10 percent off all wedding packages for the first 10 weddings booked for 2018. 

10/10/10, easy to remember and pass along to folks you know that are getting hitched! 

Shoot me a message on the contact form and let's get you all signed up with some stellar storytelling! 


Amanda Reseburg