Those Things We Tend to Forget ~ Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

I fancy myself a bit of a yarn-spinner.
A storyteller.
A writer, on good days.....though I hesitate to put that out there, lest one think I think far too much of myself.

But, photographing weddings is all about telling a story....even if you're a pretty traditional shooter who still focuses closely on controlled're still creating a narrative.

When I approach a wedding, I'm always scanning. Even if it looks like I'm just hanging out in a corner with my head lost in a dream (I get that look a lot)....I'm scanning. I'm hunting down my next narrative.

The things we tend to forget. 

There about a bajillion little moments, little things, little nuances, little glances in a wedding day. Seriously. A. BAJILLION. This is why I toot the horn of any working photographer who has the jublies to take on a wedding because it is a crazy, fast-moving-train of a story that you are being tasked with capturing the entirety of. 

To get to the point where you are actively crafting a STORY with intent and authenticity......that's where every wedding photographer with any heart for their work wants to end up. 

They want the magic powers to catch the things we tend to forget.

If I can catch your new husband giving you a wink across the room.....if I can catch Grandma grabbing your hand and squeezing...if I can catch an outpouring of pure joy,I just won the lottery. Not that I know what that's like, exactly, because I avoid the lottery like a plague of locusts, but I can imagine it's probably pretty exhilarating if you win big.

Every single time I am lucky enough to freeze those moments for ever and ever? Damn, even now I get so excited. I get home and I look at those pictures and I just think......there's a story there.

I feel like I was just let in on a secret. It's so humbling sometimes I can't really wrap my head around how lucky I am. I got let in on the secret and I was entrusted to carve it into the history of my clients.


You may not remember what color the dress was that your mother wore to your wedding.
You may not recall exactly what the weather was like when you woke up that morning or how it felt to take that first spin on the dance floor. 

These are the things we tend to forget.

I realized quickly that my job on the day of your wedding is to always be ON IT.  On the story, like a voracious journalist. 

I may feel, some days, that calling myself a storyteller is awful presumptuous. As if I'm up there with some literary giant.

But writers come in all strengths, sizes, and disciplines. 

I'm catching those things we tend to forget, and to kinda quote Josie Gross-ie's sassy office pal Cynthia in Never Been Kissed, "Damn girl, you ARE a writer". 

Amanda Reseburg