Vinnie's Target Birthday Party ~ Wisconsin Photographer

What do you do when you're an awesome mom with an awesome kid and that awesome kid loves Target SO much that he wants to have his birthday party there?

Well, if you're Stephanie Natale (my girl from Natale Photography ) , you make that stuff happen!

Complete with Target themed cupcakes, a Vinnie-sized shopping cart, and a store-wide scavenger hunt, Vinnie's 4th Birthday party at the Janesville, WI Target store was unlike any other.

But Vinnie had an extraordinary party coming to him....because he's a pretty extraordinary dude. Vinnie was born with Arthrogryposis (AMC), which is a condition in which a child is born with joint contractures. This means some of his joints don't move as much as normal and may even be stuck in one position. Since his entry into the world, Vinnie has endured surgeries, a series of casts, braces on his legs, and multiple visits to out-of-state doctors on account of AMC.  

Vinnie's birth was surrounded by great unknowns...and through each doctor visit, surgery, or treatment they've been Vinnie's biggest cheerleaders. 

To bear witness to this adorable kiddo tearing down the aisles of Target with his little cart was pretty dang can't help but smile and think life is pretty darn great and throwing a Target birthday party for a 4 year old who just LOVES Target is also pretty darn great. 

If you want to learn more about Arthrogryposis, check out

Check out Vinnie's Target themed extravaganza! 


Amanda Reseburg