Fractured Thoughts. ~ Wisconsin Senior Portrait Photographer


I cannot even convincingly pull off ya'll but hell, I'm gonna give it a shot. Comes out sounding all "Dontcha Know" Fargo-esque in my head. 

Currently Spinning: Really enjoying The Revivalists. My husband accuses me of liking new folk. I disagree. Just because they have suspenders does not make them "new folk", husband. 

Currently Reading: I read The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck and it CHANGED. MY. LIFE. FOR. REAL. THO. 
I lent it out to my mom, but as soon as I get it back I'm reading that sucker again.
Everyone should read it. 
You should read it.

Currently Watching: Well, it's September. Which means I'll soon be beginning my regular run of 9/11 documentaries....and then This Is Us comes back. So, pretty much crying through September. Yeah. 


- I'm kicking this one OFF with work stuff, which is a change, I know....but I'm hosting a full-day, kick-ass, let's learn everything there is to know about our DSLR cameras workshop on September 10th at the RockTek Workspace in Rockton, IL. It's $150 for a crapload of information and I still have some seats left. So, if you want to learn to finally correctly use your camera, grab a seat! 

Check out the workshop here:

- My eldest turned TEN. As in, double-freakin-digits. I also realized that I'm an "old mom". I don't think I look like an old mom....maybe nerd mom? Definitely not cool mom. But yeah, I'm an old mom. For sure. The husband and I are also BOTH on blood pressure medication.

So yeah.

- As I wrote about before, we fired our original house builders. Trust me, they deserved the boot. We got a new builder. He's the bomb. We close soon and will be breaking ground by October 1st. And then we can start seeing the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel because GAHHHHH....I just want my house back. My dream house. Not my old house.

- Good Ole' Tin Dog Records got new owners. I'm happy that it continues to live :) 

- I've been spending a TON of time in Chicago this summer, but it took parking for 20 minutes in Madison to get a $44 ticket. I'm shaking my old lady fist at you, Mad-City. Seriously, get your parking act together.

- We experienced our very first "kid loses 8 days worth of lunches in the back of our car while we are on the highway" episode. That 
Kids. They're a blessing.

- That eclipse thing happened. I spent the whole day singing "there was a TO-TAL E-CLIPSE ofthe SUN!!!" in my head a la Little Shop of Horrors. 

- You have to watch this. Watch the whole thing. Marvel in its glory:

- I'm going back to Crossfit. Again. We'll see how that goes....but it needs to be done. I want Angela Bassett in What's Love Got to Do With It? arms. Hold me to it, internet.

- Jon (the husband) got me into Rick and Morty, which I swore off as gross and not-funny for far too long.
Pickle Rick won my steely, cold heart.

- He also made me do a puzzle.
Remember how I said we are on blood pressure medication? 


- SENIORS: In all seriousness, my fall looks like utter and absolute madness right now....and as soon as those God-forsaken orange and red leaves start poppin up, leaf fever is going to hit and people are going to be blowin' up my phone. October is for photographers what April is for accountants. I'm not kidding. I can squeeze a few more of you in, because I'm super nice and all.....but DUDE. DON'T WAIT. 

You'll get stuck having to submit some blurry thing you took with your phone.
Don't do that. 
Don't be that guy.

- WEDDINGS: 2018 is open for business and I cannot wait to fill my weekends with your stories. I've been all over the place this summer, but concentrating BIG time in Chicago, so I'll take more of that....or hey, folks getting married some place super cool, hit me up! I'd love to travel in 2018 for work! 2018 is my TENTH year in the wedding business (WOO HOO!) so I'm offering 10% off wedding packages. 

And without further's some end-of-summer shenanigans.

Amanda Reseburg