Howard Village All-American Celebration ~ Milwaukee, WI Photographer

According to statistics from the Veteran's Administration, there are only approximately 558,000 of the 16 million vets that served in WWII remaining. 

When you run an Assisted Living Facility, it's important to bring recognition and celebration to those who served, whether it be WWII Vets, Vietnam, Korea, etc. 

My friend Thea Vorass runs Howard Village in St. Francis, WI and does an incredible job bringing joy, recognition, closure, and celebration to her residents.

She invited me to capture their recent All-American Celebration, featuring Harley's, 50's music, a parade, the honor guard, and walls displaying Honor Flight images taken by VIP Photography, which were INCREDIBLE. 

Check out the party, and thanks to Thea and Howard Village for inviting me! 

Amanda Reseburg