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Currently Spinning:  Oh, Dear Evan Hansen. You have stolen my heart, you have. Yeah, it's schmaltzy and full of some typical teen-angst tropes, but's good. Really good. Ben Platt is just loverly and his voice pure sunshine. I highly recommend it. 

Currently Reading: I make it my mission with the turn of each new year to read more, so I'm reading more. I just finished How to Murder Your Life by Cat Marnell. I really hated it at first. It took me FOREVER to get through the first half of the book because I thought the writing was so laborious. She just came off....bad. Not cool bad. Just bad. Very unlikable. The second half of the book was better, but I walked away with a sense that Ms.Marnell really didn't learn anything of note and is fine with being a "mess where heat has been applied" for as long as her body holds up and it brings a paycheck. 

I just picked up At Home in the World by Joyce Maynard for my next read. We'll see how that goes. I know I need to get off my memoir kick and read more fiction, but I'm a firm believer that, typically, truth is better than fiction anyway. 

Currently Watching: Not much since we are all sharing one TV and the husband seems dead set on watching sports...or YouTube clips about Disney or electronics most of the time. If I get the TV to myself, I'm usually seeking out 48 Hours, 20/20, or any random Investigation Discovery joint. I did see a documentary on Netflix the other day called The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin which was great and now I want to read all of his books. 

- So APPARENTLY I haven't done one of these since pre-Disney trip. However, I will spare you the Disney run-down. Suffice it to say Disney is so much more my husband's thing than mine, vacation-wise. I dream of a solo trip to Prince Edward Island or Seattle where I can delve straight into my little geek-hobbies with wild abandon and no shame. 

I'll include some Disney-pics at the bottom here, though. Ya'll know cute vacation pics of the kids are just the best :) 

- I got to go see Pete Souza speak at the launch of his new book Obama (which is amazing and everyone needs to buy it). That was great. He's great. I need to blog about it at length but haven't quite carved out the time yet. 

- Christmas came and went, it seems like it was ages ago, honestly. We are still at my in-laws and the house is still in-progress so it wasn't quite "our" Christmas. But, we all came away with some lovely gifts and memories. 

- The house IS coming along, however. We have a roof now. And sorta-walls. And a foundation. So, I can see the light at the end of this very very VERY long tunnel. Sort of. Then it got so damn cold after the holidays that no work could be done.

Why do we live here? Seriously.

- I overhauled the website....which was a long time coming. I've missed the dark, edgier look since I changed it in a fit of crazy 2 years ago. I gotta be meeeeeee (singing!). 

- We lost Dolores O'Riordan. I'm gonna be real, here.....I could never stand her voice. I was never a Cranberries fan. Ever. But, it's sad that she died. It's sad when anyone dies.

Except for Charles Manson. He died too.
I wasn't sad about that.

- I've been WRITING lately. Like, for real for real (yes, a writer just wrote "for real". Twice.) I've taken on some freelance jobs with our local paper, covering the 55 and over beat. Because those are my peeps, obvs.

And....I'm working on a book. 

Now, I only put this out in the universe to perhaps goad myself into actually transferring the chicken scratch I have in multiple notebooks into a Word file.


Part of me is scared I'll be REALLY bad at it. I don't do well with doing things badly. But, I've had these characters, this story, this idea....swimming in my head for so long. It's probably about time I just put it out there and see what happens. 

If it fails, I still have the 55 and over beat. :) 

And, you know, taking pictures and stuff.

- Speaking of taking pictures, I'm still taking applications for Senior Models until January 31st. The application is up top! Go ahead and apply, this season is going to be awesome! 

- Still booking for some 2018 Wedding Dates as well. 2019 is also booking. I'm still offering 10% off all 2018 weddings to celebrate my TENTH year in business (can you believe it?) 

Here's some pictures. Sorry for the picture dump, I really need to do these more often! 


Amanda Reseburg