Fractured Thoughts.

Where to begin…..where to begin…..

It’s been AWHILE since I’ve done one of these, mostly because fall is always completely and utterly nuts for photographers. Ask any one of them. It’s the same. We struggle to keep up and we end the year exhausted. Such is the nature of the biznizz….

Anywhoo, let’s get you caught up on all things Type A, shall we?

Currently Watching: We have been binge-ing The Good Place, for the second time. Also, I’ve purchased a PBS subscription, which unlocks all manner of geekery. Documentaries for days!

Currently Spinning: Mary Poppins Returns soundtrack, because I waited TWO DANG YEARS for this movie and it finally comes out next week and I am beside myself. (Affiliate Link)

Currently Reading: Radiant Shimmering Light by Sarah Selecky. I’m only halfway through it, but so far it’s great. It’s satire about internet “influencers”, life-coaches and gurus. Good stuff. You know I throw shade on the regular that direction. :) (Affiliate Link)

  • Fall was….rough. Personally anyway. No particular good reason WHY, just a struggle. As life sometimes is. I’m kind of walking on the other side of it now, with some breathing room for reflection and rest. I need to do a MUCH better job of taking care of myself in 2019….mind and body. That’s awful “woo-y” for me (I’m typically of the suck-it-up and quit-cher-bitchin’ variety) but, it needs to be done.

  • I had the opportunity to see the band Ghost TWICE this past fall, which was great. They put on one hell of a show. I will never not love live concerts.

  • I decided to take up cross stitch. Given the frustrating few months I’ve been having, I needed to focus my energies on something calming. I’m coming to realize that I really cannot have any amount of chill about anything. Calm is not in my repertoire. But, I’ve enjoyed the stitching, when I can carve out time to do it. I’m working on an Anne of Green Gables Sampler right now that will likely take me all of 2019 to finish at the rate I’m going.

  • I tried to wrangle tickets to see Hamilton in Puerto Rico. They sold out in 15 minutes, leaving me in the “virtual waiting room” ticketless. Count it as one of the biggest disappointments of my life. I wish I were being sarcastic. First-World Problems indeed but damn if I really didn’t want to see Lin as Hamilton.

  • Speaking of which, Betty and I DID get down to Chicago to see Hamilton and it was life-changing, awe-inspiring….you’ll have a million “What the hell am I DOING with my life” moments. Maybe that’s just me. The writer is MY. AGE. You guys.

  • Also got a chance to see Pete Souza (the President’s Photographer from the Obama era) speak in Naperville to support his new book Shade. Very inspiring stuff. It was my 2nd time seeing Pete and he’s ALWAYS inspiring. (Affiliate Link)

  • We bought a new car. Well, new truck. Carting around a litany of lighting equipment was beating the hell out of my baby bus…which, apparently, was on it’s way to having the wheels rust right off anyway…so, good on us. We kind of splurged. Which I am NEVER okay with, typically. I’m still kind of “eh” about the whole thing because cars are SUCH a waste of money. But, I do love my truck. (It’s a Ford F150….I like a big vehicle)

  • We lost Stan Lee AND George HW Bush. I watched a Dateline about Bush the other night that was just achingly sad. He was a crier. I cannot handle watching elderly people cry, I instantly break down. It gives you new perspective on public figures when you learn intimate details like that.

    For example, I didn’t know he had lost a daughter to cancer when she was 3. That’s so heartbreaking….

  • My Miss Molly turned 8. EIGHT. Crazy how fast time flies. Insert some ridiculous stolen Pinterest quote about babies growing up here.

  • For her birthday I took her (Molly) and her best friend from her old school Huck (yep, a boy) to the movies. We shall always remember that Molly’s “first date” included booster seats for both kids.

  • I played Baby Shark for Bridget and then instantly regretted my decision.

  • Work-wise the year is winding down and I’m finishing off all the loose ends that need finishing.

  • The husband and I are planning on putting together a promotional video for Type A Seniors which I will be doing a model call for, so keep your eyes peeled for that at the very beginning of the year.

    My plan for Seniors in 2019 is total world domination. Or, you know, somewhere around there.

  • Wedding-wise, I still have some openings for 2019 and 2020, and would LOVE to chat to some fun, laid-back couples who don’t mind a photographer who tends to break out in song or lay down some cool 80’s movie references.

  • I’m kicking around the idea of starting another site for writing. I’m not REALLY sure how that’s going to work out yet. It’s in its baby infancy still. Essay work mostly. Probably not of much interest to the photography-following folks, but hey….diversity can never be wrong, right?

    I entered a short story contest via Writer’s Digest on a whim. I wrote the story in an afternoon in between full baby diapers and dinner (that was a lovely combination, Amanda). I have my strong doubts that it’ll place anywhere, but I wanted to just stretch my legs a bit in that area, as it were.

    Here’s some pictures from the last few months. Enjoy!!

Amanda Reseburg