5 Things I Need Seniors to Know ~ Wisconsin High School Senior Portraits


I'm sure you've heard it all before.....photography is changing. Bigly. (HA!)

Back in my day (cue sepia-toned old-ness) you'd go to the popular local photographer, you'd pose next to some big numbers or fake books or something....you'd hang your letter jacket from a grunge-y chain-link fence....or you'd whip out your best "Blue Steel" next to a potted plant. Slap on a fuzzy filter and BAM....senior portraits. You'd get your wallets in a box and pass them out to all of your friends. 

 Today's cellphones take pretty damn good pictures. Even I'll admit it. Today everyone has a "professional" camera and friends will offer to take your senior portraits and save you a buck. Today very few people have studios because folks are fine with outside and a "few good shots".
 But, if you flip through a Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, or Elle you will see photography as I like to see it: dramatic lighting, modern editing and posing. Styling to reflect what you like, who you are, and where you are at this age and stage in your life. This is editorial photography and it's something that can take the average senior portrait and kick it up a notch.

 So, if you choose Type A Images for your Senior Portraits, first...thank you a TON....second, here are 5 things I need you to know about your Senior Portraits.


1. I'm Not Going to Pretend to Be Cool  
First things first, yes....I'm 37. I didn't really REALIZE what 37 meant until I watched the Steve Martin movie Parenthood recently and it occurred to me that the white-haired Mr. Martin was supposed to be 35 in that movie. 

So, I've become the "adult" in movies. This weirds me out to no end because it feels like just yesterday I was that 17 year old going to shows at the Alumni House, dying my hair pink, and listening to Propagandhi at top volume in my crappy car. I have no IDEA what it's like to be 17 years old in this day and age. It kind of scares me. We didn't have social media when I was in high school. We didn't have cell phones. Hell, I didn't get the INTERNET until I was 19. I know, right? 

So, trust me....I'm not going to pretend to know what's up with the "youths" these days. But, I am going to listen to you. If you bring me an idea, I am ALL ears....because I'm going to trust that you are tapped in. I will do everything I can to make your idea a reality.

You know. Within reason. :) 

Bring your Spotify playlist, let's listen to some tunes and make some awesome portraits. That's my goal.

2. You Don't Need to Do What Everyone Else Does
There's always going to be fads in photography: selective color, glitter, boho, hugging trees, water shoots, etc. I get it, things get cool and you want to do it to. And hey, that's what is so fun about Pinterest, right?
But, just bear in mind you don't necessarily need your portraits to look just like your friends' portraits. Think outside that box a little bit and if something your photographer comes up with maybe sounds or, to you, looks a bit funky....just go with it. 
I mean, Annie Liebovitz once had John Lennon curl up next to Yoko on his living room carpet butt naked. And it worked. 
I'm not Annie Liebovitz, but you know what I mean.


3. Don't Force It
Whether it's a new fashion look, a brand new haircut you've never tried, or a fake smile....forcing a look that's not you is going to show ALL OVER your session and not in a good way. 
 It's MY job to get you to relax and go with the flow. It's your job to show up with the best version of you. 
 Sometimes parents can kind of get in the way with this. They want to futz with hair. They want to force you to show your teeth even if it looks weird. Because braces were expensive and don't I know it. I GET it. I have three kids. And having me at a portrait session with them is just a bad idea all around.
 But trust me....the LESS you futz, the better everything is.

4. Don't Choose a Photographer Based on Price Alone 
Ok, here's where I get real and tell you the truth: If a price seems too good to be true, it more than likely is. Sometimes you can get a deal, but do you really want "cheap" senior portraits? These are likely the LAST professional portraits you will ever have taken until your wedding. And after your wedding, you only get professional portraits taken a handful of times. Senior portraits ARE important. They document a specific point in time where you are right on the precipice of adulthood. This is HUGE. 
 Often, people don't realize the expense of "cheap" until after the fact. Even if you don't go with Type A, look at your Senior Portrait experience as an investment. Choose the photographer whose WORK you love. You won't be sorry.


I'm yelling this because it's super important. We are raising a generation of people who are going to have no printed images of themselves. We live in an age of disposable. This makes me so sad. I love NOTHING more than looking back at old pictures of my grandparents and great-grandparents. My Grandmother's senior portrait is one of my most treasured possessions. 

Type A offers a variety of ways to print and preserve your portraits, including heirloom prints, canvas wraps, metals, and albums. 

Missy MWAC said it best, you never realize how important photographs are until that is all you have left. So print those images, display them, take pride in them.


  I cannot wait to launch Senior Season 2018. I have a ton of new ideas to launch and in-studio reveal appointments are BACK! 

 If you need to reserve your Senior Portrait Session, please email typeaimages@gmail.com

Amanda Reseburg