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Note: Post contains affiliate links to things I like. 

Currently Spinning: I have joined the rest of the US and fallen under the temporary spell of the Greatest Showman soundtrack. I don't care if it was feel-good cheeseball-ness. I loved it. Betty loved it too. We also snagged tickets to An Evening with Ghost at the Riverside and I cannot WAIT. If it's one thing I think Ghost is going to excel at, it's a killer live show. If you haven't been one to partake in Ghost yet, I have to highly recommend checking out their album Meliora

Currently Reading: Oh man, do I have trouble on my hands. I way overestimated the time I would have to simply READ....and, well...not really. So, I have about 5 books just WAITING to be finished. I've started all of them....but I'm experiencing a bit of book attention deficit right now. So, right now I'm sort of reading:
-Meet the Frugalwoods by Elizabeth Willard Thames. LOVE her blog so I'm really looking forward to getting time to finish that one.
-Evicted by Matthew Desmond, which I'm about halfway through. Fascinating for many reasons, but one being it's set in Milwaukee, a town I know and love.
-Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed. Kind of got bored with this one quickly, but I plan on powering through.
-Willpower Doesn't Work by Benjamin Hardy. I have a friend in the industry send me this one to read, haven't had a chance to start it yet.
-Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson. HILARIOUS. She writes like I want to write. 

Currently Watching: Loving Divided States on A&E lately and Hate Your Neighbor on Vice. Vice drives me nuts usually, but I like that show. I kind of checked out of what has been going on socially in this country for some time and I'm feeling the need to really check back in.
  Just watched Lady Bird, which was watchable but not as AMAZING as some critics made it out to be. It felt a little "try-hard" to me. Saw Wonder, which was really cute and I cried through the whole thing with all my mom feels. 

- House is.....coming along. I think I've mentioned the level of impatience I have on a regular basis. About pretty much everything. So, I'm finding house building to be rather triggering. :) But, we got drywall this week....which hopefully means we'll be moving in SOMETIME in ....I dunno...May? Good God......

- I've been concentrating HARD on creating content for The Pudgy Gazelle, my personal finance blog. I know, maybe I'm trying too hard to make "fetch" happen here, but I really believe in the usefulness of this information to help, if you have any interest at all in personal finance, I invite you to hop on over! 

- Got summoned for Federal Jury Duty. Had to show up. They asked me what TV shows I watch. Apparently "Investigation Discovery Murder Shows" is a one-way-ticket to dismissalville.

- It would feel shallow of me to not address the school shooting on February 14th. Today high schools across the country staged a walk out to incite action on gun control. I am behind them 110%. It's been far too long without any real change happening.....and 7000 young lives lost to school violence. Enough is enough. I'm hoping to make it to the March for Our Lives in Milwaukee this month, if schedule allows. 

- So, anyone trying the new social media app Vero. I signed a little about their developers/owners. They sounded douchey. I signed off.

- My Betty went to her first Comic Con this month. They grow up so fast, little nerds. I'm so proud.

- Yes I watched the Oscars. Yes I still love them. No, I don't think the "lady bones a fish man" movie should have won, but what can you do? 

- During said Oscars I tweeted something related to Lin-Manuel Miranda. And HIS MOTHER LIKED MY TWEET. I then died.

- Realized my hair is a HOT. STINKIN.MESS that I haven't fully "cut" since I had Bridget. It's grown past my shoulders in what I hoped would be a bid for long, luxurious locks. It was not to be. I am forever the girl of the stringy tresses. So, I'll be chopping it off at the end of March. 

- RIP to Stephen Hawking. That wasn't one I was expecting, really. He always seemed like one of those "celebrities" that would just always be around. Kind of like the Queen of England or Cher.

- On the business front, I am running my SPRING MINI SESSIONS for April, so make sure you jump on those. Also, my SPRING FORWARD DOUBLE UP SALE is currently running until this Sunday, and you DEFINITELY don't want to miss that. The savings are HUGE! 

- I'm also looking to fill some fall dates for 2018 weddings and 2019 weddings are booking as well. 

- Seniors (Class of 2019), NOW is the time to secure your dates. Heck, take advantage of the Double Up Sale, get your dates on the books, and relieve all stress! 

Amanda Reseburg