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Hey friends, there be affiliate links to things I love here. 

Currently Spinning: I'm preparing myself for our upcoming "going to shows" season (which, now that we are parents times three usually just includes 1 or 2 shows, but hey, I'll take it). We have tickets to Jimmy Eat World in May as well as Ghost. I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing Ghost live, since I've seen Jimmy 6 times before. So, playing Ghost's new single "Rats" on regular rotation.

Also rediscovered how much I do love the original Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack with the live performance on Easter Sunday, so I've been driving the kids nuts with that on morning school trips.

OH! And Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ben Platt teamed up for a Hamildrop to support the March for Our Lives which was all sorts of month-making.

Currently Reading: Nada. I'm working my little tail off on my own E-Book and all of my books are packed in preparation for our move.

Currently Watching: Have you seen Flint Town on Netflix?! It's REALLY good. Really well done. I can highly recommend it if sociological docs are your jam. Also, Ricky Gervais' Humanity (also on Netflix) was GREAT.

- We are, right now, about a week and a half from taking ownership of The Little House in the Woods. It still feels unreal. Like we will NEVER actually be living there. It's just been SUCH a long, friggin' process. But we are ALMOST. THERE. Check out some of the pictures below of all the progress (along with some affiliate links to some of my favorite little touches. I promise a full "home tour" blog once its all done)

- Kicked off wedding season and apparently Mother Nature didn't get the memo. Because it's April 17th right now and it's legit snowing. SNOW. I should be used to this. It's Wisconsin. But cmon. 

- Been trying VERY hard to utilize Instagram and it's Live features more. It's's going. We'll just leave it at that.

- Weathered Spring Break 2018 with the three kids in the basement. Don't really want to do that again, thank you. I love my children.....but I think even they grew WAY tired of me and the whole "break" thing after about 3 days.

- Made the decision and chopped 8 inches off my hair. Ultimately glad I did. It was looking pretty wrecked.

- Celebrated the 10 year anniversary of my firing from No Name Medical Company.....a major turning point in my life. For sure!

- Milos Foreman passed away. He was definitely one of my favorite directors. Amadeus, The People vs. Larry Flynt......just a big loss to the industry.

- IS spring, even if it doesn't look like it. Seniors are picking up and I'm taking Senior bookings for Class of 2019. Fall 2018 is already booking up so you're not going to want to wait, trust me. I plan on doing a whole bunch of Seniors this year, so don't be left out! 

- My Spring Mini Sessions are NEXT WEEKEND already. Still have some open time so please, follow the link and snag your Mini! 

Link here:

Here's some of the fun stuff we've purchased for the house so far. Haven't gone CRAZY with anything, but I pretty much got rid of all of our stuff when we moved, so we were kind of starting over. 

Dining Chairs. Poly and Bark. Find them HERE:

Dining Chairs. Poly and Bark. Find them HERE:

Lighting was a BEOTCH for me. I could not decide on lighting fixtures to save my life, but I jumped on these for the hall sconces going up the stairs. They're actually outdoor lights, but I like em for indoor too

Globe Electric Charlie Lights. Find Them HERE:

Globe Electric Charlie Lights. Find Them HERE:

My anti-boob-light stance is pretty strong. So I went on the search for ceiling lights that were nipple-less. 

Yahtzee! Check them out: 

Dude, I cannot even tell you how happy I am not to have boob lights in the new house. See my Non-Boob Lights @

Dude, I cannot even tell you how happy I am not to have boob lights in the new house. See my Non-Boob Lights @

So, some may remember our purchase 2 years back of THE LARGEST COUCH IN THE UNIVERSE. See Exhibit A



A couch that didn't really look ridiculous in our old living room (not compared to my husband's monstrous TV) but....length wise....will not fit in the new house. You know, without it taking over THE. ENTIRE. SPACE.

So, we had to buy a new couch.

But, our loss....your gain....this sectional is pretty much brand, spankin' new AND a custom piece. We'll be selling it, so if you're in the market for a gigantor couch? This one is fabulous. I'm gonna miss it. DM me for details and such.

In it's place, meet new couch: 

Fullscreen capture 4172018 42631 PM.bmp.jpg

Like I said, what I've been calling The Little House in the Woods is nearly complete and I've been writing out budgets like a mad woman because that's what I do when I'm stressed.


Can't say I'll EVER build a house again. I'm just not sure I'm a "building a house" type gal. It's just too much unknown, too much patience involved, and I didn't really find the "picking out every little thing" terribly fun. I found it really stressful. 

I think if we ever do the house thing again, I'd rather buy something old and renovate over time. 

But ANYWHOO....we have a new home. And it's almost ours. Check out some of the updated pictures and keep an eye on the blog for the big "reveal blog" once things get unboxed and placed.


Amanda Reseburg