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Currently Spinning: I've been all about the podcasts lately while I'm gallivanting around the midwest for work. I've been listening primarily to things like the How I Built This from NPR and recently got hooked on Practice of the Practice. 

Currently Reading: I just got Shelved by Sue Petrovski, which is a memoir by an 85 year old woman on aging in America. I've been wanting to read it for a really long time, so when I snagged an Amazon gift card for my birthday that's what I decided to spend it on. 

Currently Watching: I recently found a documentary from a few years back called Time of Death that was absolutely FASCINATING. I really really wish there had been more episodes and seasons. It was right up my alley. 
Also, the husband is making me sit through a Riff Trax of Chuck Norris' movie Silent Rage. I say "making me" because the movie is THAT bad.


-  It's been a MONTH, I tell you. Chock full of change and weirdness and opportunity and thoughts. Let's dive in, shall we? (I've been listening to a lot of podcasts lately. Ever notice how all the hosts ALWAYS say "let's dive in" and "without further adieu?"......Weird....anywhoo....we are diving....

- I was on the NEWS. All to support the Drag Queen Storytime at the Beloit Public Library. I ended up taking all three girls and Molly and Betty had a blast with Cass Marie, the drag queen. It was a great change to talk to them about differences being okay and embracing what makes you YOU. Yay all around for acceptance during Pride Month.

- Anthony Bourdain died. I was never a HUGE watcher of his shows. I read his book The Nasty Bits. I always really liked his vibe. His sort of "punk rock" ethos. I think it's heartbreaking that he killed himself, especially given that he had a daughter. But, we never really is going on inside someone's head....someone's heart. It was a loss that didn't have to happen, and it sucked.

- The band Ghost decided to come BACK to Wisconsin (if you remember we went to their Milwaukee show and it was cut short because of a death in the pit). So, of course we secured two tickets for Madison in November.

- We reached over 5 million views on our blasphemous Disney video. 

- I effed up my shoulder. Then, I entered the annoying labyrinth of American healthcare. And we have excellent insurance. Probably some of the best you could hope to have.....yet I'm still getting ignored, passed around like a hot potato, not being heard and....worst of all....the injury continues to get worse as they continue to ignore my requests for assistance. 
So, that's frustrating. I'm usually pretty good with navigating medical stuff. I worked with insurance and providers long enough to know their tricks.

But, in this current climate of opiate abuse (which is SUPER BAD, let me tell you...and I know. I agree, it's way out of control and overprescribed), does anyone else feel like an instant criminal when you go to the ER or Urgent Care in legitimate pain asking for some relief? 

I mean, they suggested Advil.

And they charged me $425 to do that. 

So, I'll keep you posted. My hope is it's just a bad pulled muscle that won't heal or something. 

- Molly and I ventured out onto the Grand Videre trails (they surround the new house). We ended up KINDA getting lost. I blamed it on Molly's navigating. Ended up being a 2 mile walk. With a whiny 7 year old in flip flops and a panting dog. Not my finest planning.

- My Uncle Jon died. It was so surreal. He's the first of my dad's 5 brothers to pass away. He was one of my favorite relatives: just kind and funny and always made time to say hello to me and ask me how I was. My dad took it pretty hard. They were very close in age.  

The funeral was on my 38th birthday, which didn't bother me too much. I'm not big on birthday celebrations for myself as it is (it's just a reminder that I'm not 21 anymore!). It was, if there is to be any silver lining, really nice to see my extended family. Some people just really feel like "home".  It's a good feeling in the midst of incredible sadness.

- I snagged a graphic novel copy of Anne of Green Gables for Molly. They will love what I love if it's the last thing I do. :) 

- We are greatly enjoying our new home and new neighborhood. There are daily sightings of deer and baby deer in our yards, bunnies and bluebirds. We were able to try out the clubhouse pool, which was wonderful. 

The only downside is Mickey got himself a nice bug bite/sting on one of our exploring walks. That took a vet visit and $322 later he's got himself some antibiotics and a cone of shame. 

- All week, in between funerals and bug bites and swimming and trail hopping with my ouch-y arm, I've been researching my 5 year plan. I love having a 5 year plan. Even if it goes awry. I like having a map. This 5 year plan includes Graduate School, which is SCARY. For one thing, it's mad expensive. For another, that's some major routine upheaval, which tends to not work out well for our family sometimes (see the Tin Dog Records saga). 

But, the school closest to me offers classes while my girls are in school, daycare on-site for Bridgie, and is the cheapest option out of all the options I considered for my major. 

What does this mean for Type A? Not a damn thing. I'm still committed to bringing the best in Wedding and Senior (and Portrait!) coverage to the area. I'm not going anywhere.

But, 5 year plan.

And, it wouldn't be me if I wasn't chasing down a bajillion dreams at a time. Life is so freakin' short. Do your thing. Use your gifts. Chase what you love. Do all the things.

- On the Type A front, the Christmas in July Sale is running RIGHT NOW. AS WE SPEAK. I've run this sale for years and it is super popular. Snag a 50% off portrait voucher and use it at ANY time. They don't expire. Use it for Seniors too! So, instead of $500 for a full digital session, you can get it for $250. WOOT. 

Follow this link and grab it: 

- I have a few dates in July open for Seniors, but I am booking into Fall for Senior Portraits (you know they all want that fall color!). So now is a great time to get those seniors books and on the schedule! 

- WEDDINGS! I've had a few emails lately asking if I cover Chicago weddings. AB-SO-FREAKING-LUTELY. I love Chicago. I will come and shoot your Chicago wedding and do so with bells on. The kicker? There is no extra travel fee for Chicago. Doesn't get better than that.

I have a few random dates open for 2018, I'm booking weddings into 2019 and even 2020, so if you just put a ring on it, let's talk! 

Now, some pics. We love our new home and it's really brought some peace and enjoyment of nature into our lives.

Arrow to the right to enjoy.....

Amanda Reseburg