Fractured Thoughts.

Currently Spinning: My husband scored himself a new drumset from his INCREDIBLY cool and generous we've been listening to pretty much whatever he decides to drum to. I always cross my fingers that it's not Dream Theater. But sometimes it is. 

Currently Reading: NOTHING. My GAWD I need a new book. SO badly. But, I'm mired deep in wedding season so I have no time to read, really. 

Currently Watching: Haven't had much time to watch anything but Molly has been sneaking The Greatest Showman in there several times a day lately. I like it and all.....but Molly has taken obsession to a new level. Meanwhile, Bridget is hooked on Moana. 


- Like I mentioned, it's been crazy busy. Just something on the calendar every day and I'm really looking forward to a bit of a breather.  But, gotta make the donuts, right? (Did I just majorly date myself with that reference)

- Aretha Franklin died today. Wasn't really expecting that one and it sucks. She was the best.

- The husband and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary with a excitement-packed trip to Old World Wisconsin, which is pretty much one of my favorite places on Earth. I still plan on that being my retirement tours dressed in turn-of-the-century farmer garb. 

- Summer vacation is wearing on me, parenthood wise. We don't have grass or a driveway yet, so there really isn't anywhere for the kids to run outside and play. So, they're inside most of the day asking for snacks every 5 minutes. Snack is "kid speak" for "I'm bored". But, they don't really want to participate in any activities I offer up to them either. When does school start again?

- We registered the kids for their new school. I took Bridgie with me to registration. She is taking the Terrible Two thing to greater heights lately. She took off on me and darted into this classroom full of kids taking some test. She then decided to lie motionless on the floor of the classroom as if that rendered her invisible. It didn't. 

- Bridgie is also going through MAJOR separation anxiety with me. It breaks my little mom heart but I know we have an awesome babysitter and I have no worries about leaving her behind for a few hours when I go to work. The other day she LITERALLY wrapped herself around my leg, screaming and turning purple in the face. It was a sad display.

- I applied for Grad School. This is a big deal. Sort of. First off, no worries. Type A isn't going anywhere and this whole grad school thing is a loooonnnnng process. But, I'm a gal who likes having a 10 year plan. I know I can't photograph weddings body won't hold out and at some point I'd like to not have to work every single weekend once the kids are older. Plus, I think I was made to work with grieving and terminally ill people. It's a calling, if you will. Has been for years. So, I'm going back to school to get my Masters in Counseling with the hopes of someday opening a private practice specializing in terminal illness diagnosis and complicated grief. 

Lofty goal? Hells yes it is....and like I said, many years down the road, but I might as well start off on the right foot with the right education. 

Going back to school after being out for nearly 10 years scares the bejebus out of me, but I'm sure I can handle it. One class at a time.

-  Miss Betty turned 11, chopped all of her hair off and got earrings. I have a TWEEN. I don't feel old enough to have a TWEEN. I feel like I just was a tween.

- Hamilton may be coming to the BIG SCREEN and I will lose my ever-lovin' mind if it does. I sign up for the Hamilton lottery every day and never win. This would be the next best thing.

- Speaking of movies, if you're a mom I have to recommend you pick up Tully. Cried my eyes out but it was WAY relate-able, especially if you have multiple kids. 

- I knew moving out to the country was going to equal an uptick in the # of bugs and vermin around. It's just a given. But, in the last few weeks I've had a bug in my computer screen AND toads and mice in our egress window. Unless they are going to talk and make me a dress, they can piss off.

- My husband turned 40 and, as I mentioned, I pulled the cool wife card and got him an electronic drum set. I figure I racked up some MAJOR brownie points with that gift. Plus, I like to see him play drums. 

- My grandmother would have turned 95 this week. She could have totally lived to 95. Lots of people do. Cancer sucks.

- On the work front, I'm trying to get Seniors scheduled for fall and eliminate late-bookers and stragglers. You know who you are :) 

- Weddings! I'm booking for 2019 and 2020, so if you're getting hitched, let's talk! 


Amanda Reseburg