Fractured Thoughts.

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Currently Spinning: I made myself a Broadway compilation for the car. Includes all my favorite sing-a-longs like Les Mis, Little Shop of Horrors, The Music Man, Hamilton (natch), Wicked, Dreamgirls, and Hairspray to name a few. It has served quite well in embarrassing the kiddos on drives. But I still got it!

I got the In the Heights vinyl box set for Christmas but have yet to find any time to listen to it…..such is life, I suppose.

Currently Watching: Well, This Is Us is FINALLY back (Yeah. I’m basic.) and I’ve had lists playing in the background as I work and clean during the day. We finally saw Hereditary and at the risk of alienating apparently EVERYONE ON EARTH who adored that movie, I found it to be a heap-ton of stupid. I did NOT get the hype on that AT. ALL.

THE ORVILLE….omg, have you seen this? I will be the first to admit I thought it was going to be full of fart jokes and stupid asides like American Dad or something, but I was so wrong. It’s a smartly written, warm comedy and since Seth McFarland is also easy on the eyes, it makes for some good TV on Thursday nights. Plus, the husband likes it too, so that helps.

Did get out to see Mary Poppins Returns though, SO much better (that Hereditary….that is)! I’m a musical girl at heart (Lin’s inclusion hurt nothing). Took Betty to see it and then during the polar vortex I got Molly out to see it. She’s been obsessed with the soundtrack ever since.

Also got a chance to see Bohemian Rhapsody……it was….ok. I LOVE a good rock bio pic but the beginning of this movie was so chock full of bio-pic tropes I almost turned it off. End was better. It’s really not Oscar-worthy though.

Currently Reading: I picked up #GIRLBOSS again, just for some motivation. I absolutely DESPISE the term “Girlboss”, but the book is pretty decent and I think I was the only person on Earth who REALLY enjoyed the Netflix show. Also got How to Be A Person in the World by Heather Havrilesky for Christmas, which was very good. Love her writing style. Next book I’ll be picking up is Bright-sided: How Positive Thinking Is Undermining America

by Barbara Ehrenreich, who is my FAVORITE sociological writer. She also did Nickle and Dimed and Bait and Switch, two of my favorite books.

  • I survived Christmas. We all survived Christmas in our new house, hosting both Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning. (I made meatballs….they were insanely good, if I do say so myself)

    The hubby got me a weighted blanket, which I REALLY like, and a poster of Lin for the basement. Not a fan girl at all. Nope. Not me.

    Hey, at the least the husband is all right with it. I’ve taught Bridget to say “Hi, Lin!” every time she passes the poster.

  • We also weathered the POLAR. VORTEX…..which plunged temps to -55 at one point with the windchill. The kids were home for 7 days straight AND couldn’t go outside….the husband was home…my routine was in complete disarray. It was chaos. But. We lived.

  • The New Year came and I was glad. I was not a big fan of 2018 as a WHOLE….and I have high hopes that 2019 is going to be a great year professionally and personally.

  • So that was pretty much my NYE: Cross stitch, Disney NYE celebration on TV, and, of course, ringing in 2019 with a wide-awake Bridgie.

  • Have you seen Eighth Grade? The Bo Burnham movie? Go get it. Go out and watch it. It is SO good. SO damn good. I watched it with Betty, even though there are a few questionable spots. It’s worth the conversations that are derived from the movie as a whole.

  • Jayme Closs, the missing girl from Northern WI, was FOUND. ALIVE. This is incredible….if you’re in WI all you’ve seen for months is missing flyers and billboards and I think a lot of people were losing hope. It’s amazing she rescued herself and I hope she has a strong foundation at home to get her through what will likely be a long road to recovery. I did read they’re going to give her the $50,000 in reward $$, so that’s good.

  • I shot a promotional video for my Senior Portraits. Ok, the husband shot it. I just stood there and tried not to be awkward. It’s the first one I had done since 2012? 2013 I think….something like that. It’s over on the About Me page so make sure to check it out!

  • Bridgie said her FIRST full sentence (“Come on, let’s go play) and I LEGIT burst into tears. I can’t believe she is my last baby forever and ever. That went way to fast and I want ALL of my baby years back. Right now. I tell my husband all the time if my body could have handled birth better (pregnancy was a-ok….birth, not so much. I developed emergency level HBP with both Molly and Bridgie)….I would have had a few more kids. But, alas….not to be. I love my muppets….they grow up SO fast though.

  • We lost both Carol Channing & Penny Marshall. :(

I am launching some GINORMOUS things in 2019. This is going to be my year to do things differently. To stop being afraid of new. To TRY it and see. So, I’ve decided to launch a portal for folks to learn about photography and business ownership online called TYPE A CAMP.

My flagship course, The Wedding Newbies Course, was released to the Beta Testers just yesterday and will be unleashed later this week to all. It’s my hope that the whole site will be about affordable, accessible ways to learn new photography skills, information about running a full-time or part-time photography business, and just a fun place to visit for guidance.

This is SO outside of my regular parameters, so I’m nervous….but REALLY excited.

I’m also looking to fill in some last 2019 dates and booking weddings into 2020. I’m currently running a big incentive for anyone who books before Valentine’s Day, so jump on that!

Also, SENIORS…it’s CLASS of 2020’s time and the earlier you reserve your date, the better!

Amanda Reseburg