You Can't Be What They Are

I’m old.
I mean, for this industry.
I’ve tried explaining this to my husband several times (he who disagrees with me).
I’ve tried telling him I have a bit of an uphill battle because I shoot high school seniors and people getting married….neither of whom are typically in my age group.

You know what’s creepy? People my age who try to “relate” to younger folks.

”Hey there, fellow young people!” * dab * “I heard you cool cats needed some photography that was on fleek…..word, fam…..” * floss *

I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that I’m gonna be 40. And that’s ok.
That I’m still pretty into early 90s hard rock music and Swedish doom metal.
And I’m a chick.
And that’s ok.

That I love historical biographies, true crime TV, and living history museums.
And that’s ok.

That waking up, throwing on a concert T-shirt and a pair of worn jeans and saying “eff it, who needs makeup” is pretty par for the course lately.
And that’s ok…..I think. (I kinda have to put some makeup on if I’m going to see other people. I’m Irish and Swiss….we are a pasty people)

I see lists of influential people….I see that people who really “make it” on social media….I see popular photographers and writers and creatives….and they’re beautiful people. They’re stylish. They’re COOL. They may SAY they’re not…but they are. They know it.

They are the adult equivalent of the trendy table in the high school cafeteria.

And I’m still over in the corner drawing band logos on my bad poetry notebook.

I told myself at the dawn of 2019 that I was done trying to be what the rules of social media success SAID I needed to be. That I wasn’t going to be ANOTHER nondescript face in a sea of photographers…..

Let’s face it, the MAJORITY of us in the wedding photography (or senior photography) industry are talented. Photography, in and of itself, is not that hard. (Yeah, I said it).

There are a select few in the industry who are exceptionally talented and, therefore, it doesn’t MATTER what they’re like as a person….or how cool they are. Their work is their work and people will clamor for it. They don’t even need to learn WTF “bae” means.

(I know what bae means. I swear. It was an answer on Jeopardy the other day. Which means it’s jumped the shark. You’re welcome.)

But for the rest of us? The rest of us competent photographers out here scratching out a living? We are all just waving our arms hoping you notice us.

And yeah….I’ve never been terribly good at that. I’ve never been good at faking anything. I yam who I yam.

Like Popeye.

(See, Amanda, Popeye references is why you’ll never be cool. FFS.)

So, 2019 is going to be the year I just do it anyway. That I realize I have something to offer even if it’s packaged differently. That I can say what I want to say and do what I want to do….and if people don’t quite care for it, there’s literally thousands of other competent photographers out there to serve them.

But 2019 is my year. The year for the nerd to inherit.

And, as the kids say, I’m here for it.

My husband took this. To get me to laugh….he said the magic words: “Skunk Butt Rug”

My husband took this. To get me to laugh….he said the magic words: “Skunk Butt Rug”

Amanda Reseburg