Fractured Thoughts.

Currently Reading: Bright-Sided by Barbara Ehrenreich (which, thus far, is really good). I really enjoy Barbara Ehrenreich’s writing (even though she’s a bit of a curmudgeon. Who am I kidding, I can be too). I appreciate her level of digging to get to the truth. Also have Hillbilly Elegy on deck, which was recommended to me.

Currently Spinning: Nothing new right now. I haven’t been in the car much to listen to anything. It’s mostly been Broadway mixes. I belted out a rendition of “Suddenly Seymour” for Bridgie the other day and her only response was “No mommy. No.”

Currently Watching: Holy CRAP on a CRABCAKE you HAVE to watch AfterLife on Netflix. It’s Ricky Gervais’ new 6-episode series and it’s effing genius. I laughed and then I sobbed and laughed some more and, like Truvy in Steel Magnolia’s said, “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion”.

Yes, Lin was on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. And yes, of course, I watched it. Naturally. But, damn. I didn’t get it. I don’t get why that show is funny. Maybe it’s just way too rushed. It felt a lot like the Big Bang Theory, which I find grossly unfunny in the worst way. So, I followed up the Brooklyn Nine-Nine debacle with a Curb Your Enthusiasm chaser and felt better.

  • This winter, man. I know everyone is saying it. Let me join the chorus of complainers…because Jesus. It’s just been the WORST. Can it just end already? Please?

  • Beloit Daily News did a big feature on Tin Dog Records, which is now owned by friends of ours from high school days. I’m so happy to know it’s still alive and kickin’.

  • I tortured my family while we were stuck inside on account of the bitter cold by watching a 10 hour Broadway documentary. Someday when I’m dead and gone, these are the moments they will remember fondly. I hope.

  • Over the past month Richard Marx (yes, Hold On to the Night Richard Marx) responded to me on Twitter, one of my personal heroes Joanne Freeman (she’s a Yale History professor) replied to me on Instagram, and Ricky Gervais liked my comment on his new show.
    The internet, for all it’s awful faults, can sometimes be incredible.

  • Yeah, I watched the Oscars. It was actually pretty decent this year, except for Green Book winning best picture. That was stupid.

  • The news dropped about Alex Trebek having cancer and I gotta say, threw me for a loop. I am a Jeopardy fanatic. Alex Trebek has been popping into my living room (or my grandparent’s living room) since I was a little girl. A world without Alex Trebek seems crappy.

  • And then Luke Perry dies and I’m pretty much convinced now that this is the worst winter ever and it all needs to stop.

  • On the bright side of things, I’ve been working away like a busy little bee as I’ve been stuck inside.

    I released TWO courses over on Type A Camp that I put of ton of time and effort into and I’m quite proud of. So, if you’d like to learn how to kick off a Wedding Photography business OR learn how to use your DSLR, I highly recommend coming “camping”. No tents. No dirt. No bugs. Lots of learning. I’ve made the courses comprehensive, in-depth, and accessibly priced.

  • I also have some brightly colored Spring Mini Sessions happening next weekend and the weekend following at the studio. If you’re up for those, head on over and pick one of two mini options: HERE

  • Also, the SPRING FORWARD DOUBLE UP SALE drops TOMORROW. This is the one I tell people about all year (well, that and the Cyber Monday sale, which is the same thing). It’s essentially 50% off a voucher that can be used for portraits, seniors, prints and products, courses, lots of stuff! Spend $100, get $200. Spend $500, get $1000. The vouchers don’t expire so you can hold on to them for when you need them.

    For you early birds who actually read these blogs, you can get a head starts….Head on over to the page and PICK ONE UP

  • This month? I’m teaching a few workshops for a few libraries on event photography, photographing some minis, and working on a personal project that I’m hoping I’ll be able to reveal more about soon (how is that for dropping some vague bombs? LOL….Gee, guess you’ll just have to, oh I dunno, follow me on Instagram or something to know what’s up)